Outta Here!

Another 10 minutes and we’ll be on the road…an overnight stop at the in-laws, and then it’s off for four days at the resort where we honeymooned. Of course, three of us will be making the trip tonight, but only two of us will be heading out tomorrow. While we’re spending four days…errr…relaxing, The Littlest Briston will be spending four days getting nauseatingly spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa. Sounds like a fair trade to me!

And I will not be the first one to break down and call to talk to the little one…

I was a little worried that you were leaving the board for good. I’m glad you’re not. Enjoy your trip!

We’ll await the news of who called first. Are we allowed to place bets? :smiley:

Have a fun vacation!


Phew! I was afraid this would be another “The SMDB sucks and I’m leaving” threads…

What? You think Hal would just unthinkingly follow them like a…

(sorry) :smiley:

Bye, Hal!! waves Have a good time “relaxing” and all. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also glad to know that you’re not leaving us for good.

Have fun!

Hey, they have wireless internet here now! :smiley:

Had I known there were going to be bets placed on who would call first, I would have held off calling her as soon as we got to the resort.

Have a great vacation!

Thanks! We…errr…did. :slight_smile: (Check the date!)

And since my wife bumped this thread, here’s one from the “Lousy Timing” file: We went there for four days/three nights…when we arrived home and went through the pile of mail that was waiting, there was a promo booklet from the resort: “Stay three nights, get the 4th night free!”