Overheard at Lunch

I weep for humanity sometimes. And not just because I was having lunch at McDonald’s, though that didn’t help. There was a guy talking loudly on his phone, apparently with the HR office at West Virginia University. I (and everyone else in the restaurant) heard his beef with them.

Apparently, he was surprised to learn that his employer provided health plan through WVU gives him a discount on in-network medical services, and if the doctor is in the state of WV, his co-pays are capped at 20%. To receive some of the benefits of the plan out of state, their must be a certification letter or medical necessity.

Most of you aren’t seeing the problem there. After all, that’s how almost every health plan seems to work these days - approved providers and in-state treatment favored.

Not this guy. He said he’d never HEARD of an insurance plan that wasn’t equally useful in all fifty states. He would have to QUIT HIS JOB if they couldn’t find him a plan that allowed him to choose whatever doctor he wanted in whatever state he wanted. In fact, a plan with those restrictions was a VIOLATION of the INTERSTATE COMMERCE CLAUSE of the CONSTITUTION, and if he had to, he’d head down the interstate to the Federal Courthouse in Clarksburg to file a FEDERAL LAWSUIT!

Sometimes I weep for humanity, and sometimes I just laugh till I cry. I hope to god he doesn’t do anything important at WVU, and I hope he loses his job for being an idiotic ass. I can only assume he’s got a friendly doctor over the PA border willing to help him scam some oxycodone, to be this bizarrely insistent.

I was so tempted to say something, but I wouldn’t want to be sued under the Appointments clause.

Have him give me a call. He can join in my lawsuit against Jack in the Box. Their refusal to open any franchises in New York is clearly a violation of the Constitution.


Does West Virginia University have a psychology department? Because this is either some sort of psychological study of the reactions of everyone around this person, or he’s an escaped test subject.

There is a psych department, but sadly, this kind of ignorant and arrogant asshole is all too common…

Hey, at least somebody in the restaurant had beef. Who knows what the rest of y’all were eating?

He’s probably the dean of the psychology department.