Oysters with foreign matter?

I was on my lunch break at the nice little Chinese buffet down the road from all the South Akron car dealerships today, happily munching along with one of my co-workers…
when I stabbed into an oyster, ripped the meat and began to pull the fork towards my face…
and saw a bunch of what looked like threads of grass, sprouts or somesuch

It looked like it was INSIDE of the meat itself when I ripped it out, although I could be wrong on account of perspective.
I had about 8 samples of this food item from the buffet. 5 exhibited this, while 3 did not.
The first 3 did not, thus I actually ate those.

Whiskey tango foxtrot?
Was that rot?
Foreign matter from nature?
Some exotic Chinese oyster stuffing that I turned my nose up at?