Pablo Francisco

I find this guy most amazing comedian. I can listen to his stuff over and over. Even though, judging from comments on YouTube, he needs new material.

Is he top crop comedian or what?

He’s got a decent enough following here in Europe I think. Probably because his jokes are pretty apolitical. Saw him in Helsinki in 2007, and while I enjoyed the show, his routine was getting kinda old even back then.


Never heard of him and I follow comedians more than the average guy.

Also, those youtube links are pretty weak and broad. Crowd-pleasing, but hardly original.

I’m not familiar with him (and like phreesh, I follow comedy more than most people). But it looks like he’s here in Chicago tonight at the Up Comedy Club (in Piper’s Alley).

As much as I can tell “N System” (from my yesterday’s link) is quite original. Haven’t seen this anywhere…

The 'Why can’t white guys say the N-word if black guys can?" trope has been done to death for years. Admittedly, his application may be novel, but the concept is hardly earthshaking.

Oh, agreed, for sure. However, for a comedian, isn’t “application” what’s it all about most of the time? :slight_smile:

If the OP has Netflix streaming, you should watch the Doug Stanhope show shot in Noway (Oslo: Burning The Bridge To Nowhere). Doug rants on for a while about Pablo.

I personally had never heard of him before.

What can I say, comedy is subjective. I’m glad you enjoy him.