Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is surprisingly good.

Hasan was never my favorite on The Daily Show. I didn’t hate the guy, I just didn’t find him all that funny.

So I was skeptical to say the least when I decided to give his show on Netflix a chance. And I’m so glad I did.

It’s a no frills show. No guests, no comedy bits. Just him and the camera. The depth of research he puts into each episode is impressive. And I find him to be way more funny than he ever was on the Daily Show. What a talent!

Anybody else watching?

Haven’t watched it yet, but I will based on your post.

I might try it now. I don’t like him very much as a stand up. He’s too frantic. He comes across as an immature comic. Not immature as a person or his content. His style feels like someone who hasn’t been doing it long enough to be truly comfortable on stage. I think that’s just him and he’s not going to change. He came across better in a Daily Show format.

Yeah I keep forgetting about it but I’m all caught up on episodes now. He has chosen some interesting topics and I love hearing about things from a different perspective (he’s a Muslim man of Indian descent and also a Millennial. I’m NONE of those things!)

I actually liked him on TDS and his stand-up special, Homecoming King, was pretty good too. So I hope this show does well!

Watched all of the episodes last night, I really liked it. I will definitely be watching every episode!

I quite enjoy it, but it seems like it’s marketed as a straight up comedy, when it comes across more as simply fun edutainment, in the same genre as Adam Ruins Everything or Problem Areas.