Pack your bags- Something wicked this way comes!

Truth is arbitary really. Forget science, forget logic and common sense! There is an organization, rather large now a days, that has all the answers. You see- they are in contact with a superior race, and that race has a message. The world will end in 2003, May 15th actually.
There is evidence that a huge planet is heading our way. A big ol magnet that will shift our poles. On an interview on the local radio (Kansas City), the spokeswoman said that it is currently causing earthquakes, trains to derail, terrorists to want to blow up things among others. (ok, I made up the last part)

This is it folks. The Bush admin, according to the Zeta folk, will take over the world and it won’t be a democracy. You see, this is the reason behind the whole Iraq debacle. Bush wants the oil so when the catastrophe is over, him and his people can take over the world much easier.

All that won’t matter because most of you will be dead anyhow. Unless you flee the cities now! Pack your bags and head to high and stable ground. The whole world will shudder with a rickter 9 earthquake as the poles shift and the crust is shoved around. It is said Bush plans on blowing up the Planet, also knows as Planet X, but Zeta people know differently. You see- the planet is Inhabited and the Zeta Galactic police will not allow the Earth to nuke it into pieces. (as we all know from our movies, just sending a nuke to its core will destroy it)

Drink your Koolaid… err, wrong group- Pack your bags and head out of the cities and pray up to the Zeta’s. Don’t worship the false Raelians- All Zeta followers that channel know by the messages that they are the only real alien group out there. The rest follow false aliens. Heathens.

I’m glad I live in the mountains.

I love their 12th planet section - good even by the high standards of that myth’s usual nonsense:

I hope you all followed that.

Century 21 is going to be busy.
I want a yellow coat.

From the link:

I don’t trust an emissary named Nancy. But would trust Bob and Stu**.

Maybe a Laura.

[tin foil hats ON]


See what happens when you mock, bernse?


Nope, those folks are never worth trusting as emissaries. Trust me on that one.

It’s the end of the world!


Yeah, it is a plot by the evil Zeta Aliens that plot the downfall of humankind. They drown us in end of the world catastrophies that never quite pan out untill the real one comes and we just disbelieve out of habit. That and mind control. Definately mind control, yeah. Tin hats on sunday.

I feel fine.

Was it on The Rock with Johnny Dare and Murphy? 'Cause I thought I heard some pretty freaky stuff coming from the radio this morning.

Not that The Rock doesn’t always have some freak with their milk in the mornings. :slight_smile:

You need more sleep. Your REMs are showing.

Oh boy.

That Planet X sure gets around. Now it cruises through the Asteroid Belt on occasion.

Thats the show! I think it was part of their cook of the month show or something. Freak of the week I think it is.

The Zetans are a common feature on the newsgroup sci.astro. Let’s just say it looks ike they will be taking a ride on a comet via applesauce the way they’re talking.

Hmm, that shold be kook. Not cook. Though those kooks sure cook (read: smoke) something.



I know, we’re not in GQ or GD, this is nitpicky, but it’s
Richter <apologetic>:cool: