Padma from Top Chef

[url=]NSFW link[/ url] of Padma Lakshmi posing nude for Allure.

As well as Chelsea Handler and Eliza Dushku.

I think Chelsea’s the hottest of the 3 with their clothes on, but it was very nice to be able to evaluate them this way, too (IMHO, she’s still the hottest, but they’ve all got great bods).

Uhm, Does anybody else get squeecked out the the obvious plastic-like photo shopped to death consistency of the skin in those pictures?

They look like they where painted/airbrushed rather than photographed.

Eliza Dushku looks like she’s 45 in that picture, for some reason…

And Chelsea is the hottest? No, not even close. Normally, I’d say Eliza is the hottest, but because of the aforementioned 45-ishness, I’m going with Padma right now.

I think personality goes a long way, and Padme’s too blah and Eliza’s too much a poseur to really connect with me, but Chelsea’s a hoot and a ton of fun (though it’d probably be a nightmare actually being her boyfriend), and I think the pictures even reinforce these impressions.