Which of these women should be replaced on the list of the world's 10 hottest damsels?

Each year, the guys and gals over at Maxim compile a Hot 100 list (lnk in the spoiler box below) Supposedly it’s a ranking of the one hundred comeliest female celebrities, but I suspect it’s more a tribute to how good these women’s various publicists are. I’m sure the Teeming Millions can do a better job.

Rules are simple here. The poll options are the women who took the top 10 spots this year. In answering the poll, note which women do not belong even in the top 100, much less the top 10. You may also post a response saying whom you would put on the list to replace them. We’re not really rating the women in the poll relative to one another.

I hope that’s clear. Link’s in the spoiler box.

I voted off most of them. Kristen Bell, Natalie Portman, Monica Bellucci, Gabrielle Union, Nell McAndrew, Kate Winslet, and Maria Sharapova were all robbed.

ETA: Oh, and obviously the winner will be the woman from the original list with the fewest votes. Multiple choces are allowed, and the poll closes in 7 days. All votes are public.

They named a bag of antlers #1?

I don’t know who any of these women are.

I only recognize five of the names on this list, and of those five I really only know what two of them look like. Am I horrifically out of touch, or are most of these women not very famous?

  1. There is a link to pictures of them to assist you in a spot assessment.
    B) If you feel that your knowing them proves none of them belongs on the list, you can vote them all off.
    III) Contrariwise, if you feel that you aren’t superficial and objectifying enough to participate, you can always skip the voting and just nominate your high school girlfriend or soemthing.
    Δ) This is a Rhymer poll. All responses should include a wisecrack. I think that’s in the Articles of Confederation

ETA: The only ones I recognized were Hewitt, Mila Kunis, Faith from Buffy, and Olivia Wilde.

Skald it is obvious you have no taste in women. Go watch Forgetting Sarah Marshal, Mila Kunis is absolutely one of the most gorgeous women running around right now. But I agree Sharapova got screwed.

Kunis is not worthy to paint Winslet’s toenails. Not that I would want her to do so anyway, as I find painted nails icky for reasonsn I can neither explain nor escape.

Rihanna is not actually attractive… she’s kind of cute in a puppy way but that’s it.

With Megan Fox we are told over and over agan how hot she is and yeah at a strip club you would probably tip her an extra dollar… but you wouldn’t lose your shit over her in the real world.

Eliza Dushku… she’s not even cute… She has downey + dead eyes, a man’s voice and awkward mannerisms.

Mila Kunis IS the hot version of Dushku.
Olivia Wilde is really gorgeous and I firmly believe she belongs on this list. (ETA)… .wait… I was thinking of someone else… Meh… She’s hot… but I don’t think she necessary belongs on this list.

The only four that should stay are:

Bar Refaeli
Mila Kunis
Eliza Dushku
Megan Fox

The rest vary from unattractive (Rihanna, JLH, Olivia Wilde) to dime a dozen (Lima, Malin Ackerman, Jordana Brewster). Nothing against any of them, just sharing an opinion.

And looking through the rest of the list…what the hell happened to Lindsay Lohan? If you ask me, Danneel Harris is right up there (number 28). I’ve also thought Hilary Duff was kind of underrated on this list as well.

If your top 10 hottest damsels list doesn’t have Zooey Deschanel, your top 10 hottest damsels list isn’t worth a damn. Where’s Kate Winslet? Where’s Jessica Alba? This list makes me sad.

Don’t get me wrong, these women are all hot as hell, but I don’t think I’d put any of them in the top 10.

Edit: Aaaaaand in my idiot zeal to check all the boxes I also checked the “all these women belong on the list” box. Please ignore that one.

I voted them all off. I had only ever heard of Megan Fox & Jennifer Love Hewitt and I still had to Google image search their names to remember what they look like.

I would replace them with ten local women.

If I had to pick famous women: in no particular order

Renee Zellweger

Gillian Anderson

Jennifer Tilly

Sarah Palin

Natalie Merchant

Liv Tyler

Gwyneth Paltrow

Shania Twain

Katey Sagal

Ellie Kemper (Erin from The Office.)

These shall remain on the top ten until further notice.

Thank you,


Most of those ladies I’ve never heard of, so I just went by their pictures in the Maxim list. And I have to say, I think that the first folks who need to get voted off are the Maxim photographers/wardrobers/retouchers/whatever. Even without knowing more about the subjects, I have to imagine that most of them probably look nice normally, when they’re not being made to embody one of the photographer’s bizarre fetishes, as appeared to be the case here.

As for who to put in their stead, I’d pick the entire female cast of Firefly, and most of Battlestar Galactica, over any of them.

I honestly don’t get why Jennifer Love Hewitt would be on this list. I’m not saying she’s ugly; she’s not at all. But she looks attractive in a way that many non-Hollywood celebrities meet or beat.

Everyone else I can at least see why people would think they’re hot, even if I don’t personally agree. Olivia Wilde’s jaw knocks her out of contention, IMO. It’s gigantic. But then her eyes could make up for it because those are a gorgeous set of peepers.

For those of you needing to look up any of these women: Chickipedia.

This should really be called the “10 women who meet Maxim’s very narrow definition of beauty”. Apparently in Maxim’s world, having bangs or red hair or curls disqualifies you from being the hottest women in the world. So does having any sort of weight or dark skin, but most magazines unfortunately do that. They’re all beautiful, but outside of Rihanna nobody really stands out. The most obvious omissions:
Kate Winslet–seriously, is she the leader in “everybody thinks she’s hot except men’s magazines category”?
Jenny Lewis
Emmy Rossum
Julianne Moore
Zooey Deschanel
Katy Perry

I voted for Jordana Brewster. She’s attractive, but not drop-dead gorgeous. As a replacement, I will nominate Adriana Lima.

Yes, Adriana Lima is already on the list. But frankly, she needs to be on there at least twice.

Fool of a Took! Kate Winslet is obviously disqualified on account of species. That list is for humans, not goddessses.

I think she’s a great actress but she’s not anywhere near my top ten. She’s attractive enough, though.

…just an alternate perspective.

A few things.

I have no idea who most of the women on that list are. But, with that said, there are a few who I wouldn’t put in the top 10,000. Lily Allen at #40?! The hell? You could walk down any street and find a woman more attractive (in terms of personality and looks) than her. Lindsey Lohan (and Britney freakin’ spears? Are you kidding?) is above Scarlett Johansson. This is also insane.

Most of the top 10 I can’t work up too much indignation about, but Megan Fox as #2 and 13 as #1?!
Megan Fox is so overrated (in both acting ability and ‘hotness’ - she always looked kind of…well, greasy and dirty to me, and not in a good way. Like one of those girls in a bar who you just know has some form of STI) it’s not even funny. 13 did her best to ruin recent seasons of House with her incessant whining and managed to make Foreman even more boring. So I might be a tad biased against her (it’s not often you’re routing for Huntington’s), but she’s also way too skinny and has the jawline of a rugby player.