Paging Grits and Hard Toast--did you ever name your yearlings?

For no apparent reason, this thread from back in July strolled into my head on my way home. Did you ever choose a name? How are the yearlings doing?

Here is the followup thread with the names that were chosen. Including the new crop of foals to be named for 2008 (but no name suggestions yet).


Hey, I won! :smiley: Thanks, Kat!

Thanks Kat! Congrats NajaNivea!

I may have posted the announcement of the winners during a time the board was very active and the thread quickly fell off the page…

I posted another update today in that thread as well, in case you didn’t see it.

And the yearlings all celebrated their birthdays on New Year’s Day, and are officially two year olds now!

Now we wait for this year’s babies to arrive…

Thanks for thinking of them!