Paging TubaDiva

Hi there, remember when I was asking if I could change my name and you said to email you? Well, I sent you an email about a week ago… and then another one. Did you get them? Do I need to learn some damn patience? Was it, in fact, someone ELSE I was supposed to email? :smack:

Probably, you need to learn some patience. Email her again, and be sure the subject line is clear (e.g., “SDMB request for change of username.”) Avoid subject lines such as “Help me” or “Obtain cheap meds.”

“Increase your penis size” is OK?

I think my subject line was “sdmb name change”. Just keep waiting then? Anyone know how long it takes to answer an email?

I waited for a week or two. It happens. Just wait for it.


If I email Tuba will my penis size increase? Or does she know some tantric secrets?

Well, yes, if you e-mailed Tuba with a subject line of “Increase my penis size” she at least would think you’re a big dick! :wink:

Sorry 'bout that, this has been some few days of too muchness on most every front and I’ve not been able to do more than glance at email.

Your situation is resolved now, so please keep your pants on, especially if penis size is at issue here. (Though that’s not my department.)


Hooray! Thanks man :smiley:

slips into the background

So who is in charge of penis enlargement?

“FlyingRamenMonster” is an improvement?!

Wouldn’t she think that you’re a little dick?

Tuba knows I [del]have[/del] am a bick dick.

So…how often do you flick that thing?

Situation resolved . . . thread closed.

Cajun Man
for the SDMB