Painful Ankle Itch And You

Anyone else get sore feet/ankles(calf’s thighs?!?!) wearing socks.
i’m refering to the socks pulling the hairs on your legs/feet.
I guess this thread is mostly pointed at guys.

my ankles are sore right now, and its a pain in the… ankle!

why dont the hairs just get pulled out, rubbed off, like the ones on my thigh( got quasi-bald patches from where my jeans rub )

god i’m full of pointless stuff just now…

Socks drive me nuts, and I have to tug at them all day to prevent them from digging deep red grooves into my skin.
I take them off the second I get home, and don’t wear them on weekends. But it’s not a hair-pulling thing.

I get the grooves from my socks. And they get sore. I wear boots alot for work so i don’t have much hair to get pulled out.

Yes. As a guy who always wears socks, I end up shaving parts of my legs to keep the pinching away.

We don’t do trick titles here at C.H.A.O.S., Starker.
I have changed the title to better reflect its purpose. If you don’t like it, you can always give me a better one.

Matter of fact, my ankles are itching right now!

Dude, I thought it was just me. This only really happens to me with athletic-type things, or things where I’m sweating. It’s one of my foremost irritations with snowboarding – at the end of the day, pulling of my boots and socks drives me nuts with the painful itching. Also used to happen sometimes when I played basketball, till I started folding my socks double around my feet for other reasons, and it cleared right up.