Greetings All,

I know I am but a guest, that might change … I like sheep, squid, pie and anything that makes me go “eureka!”. I also believe that god made me an atheist. Hang on…

OK back
I also like pretty women, beer, Lyall Watson (oh come on - stop snickering - you were talking about him without knowing the other day. Remember? and eh, ), and obviously Mr. Bradbury. I have a short attention

hey - did anyone see that butterfly. I think it might have have been - huh? oh yeah

span, but I always do my best to at least try to keep my concentration.
Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. I thought you all might like this. At least I did, I think ( I did? Oh yeah, I did) just make sure you
Hey, I can see! ‘To this day the eye makes me shutter,’ - makes for interesting pictures mind you,

Sorry folks I am back. I probably make no sense whatsoever, I shall try to concentrate. Now - what I actually wanted to share was this - please watch it to the end:

Could be me of course - but I actually went " Wow - hehe - haha - this is pretty neat!"

Eh, hmm, and eh - bye for now.

Take care folks.

Welcome, JimNightshade! It’s a beautiful afternoon. We have a light lunch out on the terrace. Would you please come this way?

That’s properly spelt “eek!”. :slight_smile:

Ehem - eh - sure, of course, wouldn’t miss it for - eh - something.

Which way is the terrace?

No, you spell it A-C-K


I love Gack! (But only served raw).

Sweetie, if you’re not on drugs, for your own sanity, you should be.

If you *are *on drugs, please share with the rest of us! :smiley:

Seriously, welcome, and thanks for sharing that video. I saw another one of him (or someone doing the same type of performance) doing the Statue of Liberty recently. I love that moment when the random splashing of paint suddenly “clicks” into a recognizable image in my brain. It’s sort of like those old Magic Eye images, except, y’know, I can actually SEE these! Or like a radio when you’re switching channels and at first it’s just amorphous noise until suddenly your brain figures it out and suddenly it’s The Beatles. Only, y’know, visual. Very cool.

Thank you Sunspace and WhyNot (indeed - why not!Cheers! Back in a second.)

“No damn cat - I am just getting another beer.”

No drugs - unless you classify perfectly chilled lager as such. In combination with a tired mind on a late Friday evening. And a cigarette. And an insane cat trying to give a massage by jumping on my back, almost missing the target leaving a 6 foot laceration down my back, thankfully deciding that snoring on my lap magically removes any liability…

It is just one of those things - you know - you see something and you just have to share.

Like this:

But enough with the links for now. Thanks for the welcome though - although I am still standing here in the foyer waiting to find out which way the the damn terrace is.

And the squid is melting - eek !!

Both of those links were awesome. Welcome, oh poison plant man.

Hello JimNightshade! Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile: