Palestinian woman calls off suicide attack after being told to dress sexy to fit in

Well this just about says it all, doesn’t it? What typed of fucked up culture and society produces people willing to slaughter innocent civilians, but not if it requires them to wear makeup and tight slacks?

Does this just encapsulate everything that’s wrong with the fundamentalist Islamic world right here? Wearing sunglasses and loose hair is against one’s religion; blowing up a bomb full of nails and screws in a public marketplace with the intend of murdering as many innocent individuals as possible is not.

I don’t give a flying cunt nugget whether Mohammad, Allah, the Koran, or “true Islam” really okays this type of behavior, but the fact is that one way or another, there have emerged hundreds of millions of people for whom a woman showing her calf is a greater sin than showing the entire inside of her body as it splatters all over the pavement.

Ooh! Allah forfend if one were to “blow up for nothing”! We all know that blowing up should only occur in such a manner as to kill as many Jews as possible.

This culture of anti-Semitism, hatred, violence, and terrorism has become as big of a thread to the civilized world as Naziism, fascism, or Communism were at their primes. Yes, it is largely borne of desperation and poverty. So were Naziism, fascism, and Communism. The results are just as deadly and disastrous.

:mad: This is wrong on so many levels!

Well… at least she didn’t blow anyone up…

Wow, we’ve never heard * that * rant on this board before…

Opus1, if you feel compelled to make such grossly uninformed statements, at least try to be a little less cliched. :o


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Care to clarify, Mr. Bix?

You know, I saw the headline last night about the woman calling off the attack. I thought it was her conscience getting in the way. I thought it was because she decided that killing a bunch of people at the grocery store (or wherever) was wrong… Stupid me.

Nope, I was just confused by this woman’s thought process.

“I’d love to die for Allah, unless I have to show some leg!”

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But… err… if you could be so kind for a poor little SPOOFE… mind pointing out which parts of the OP were grossly uninformed, or cliched?

It sort of makes every sense to me - if you are committing suicide as a purely religious act, a part of that act that required you to flout your hardheld religious beliefs might make you question the whole act.

I am not in any way condonding suicide bombing or the tabooisation of women’s sexuality that comes with most hardline religions. Just that her reasoning seems to be entirely logical and consistent with a fanatic line of thought (if such a thing could ever be described as logical!)

I like this story. Sure, she’s been raised fundamentalist Muslim, but she’s not willing to blindly follow the orders of anyone claiming to do God’s work. She managed to identify issues with these plans that fundamentally contradict her religious teachings, and thus did not go through with the plan.

Sure, it can be argued that she’s a bit screwy for being willing to go through a suicide bombing to begin with, but I think she’s showing signs of critical thinking. Fundies are fundies, and do nutcase nonsensical things (right-to-lifers bombing abortion clinics, anyone?), but this woman obviously has the presence of mind and courage to question what she’s told.

I think there’s hope for her.

Agreed–I think she was pumping up her radical talk as sort of a compensation for not performing the act that her conscience prevented her from carrying out.

Does this remind anyone else of Huckleberry Finn’s epiphany when confronted with the choice of turning Jim in as an escaped slave or (he thought) going to hell?

I’m going to take this situation as support for one of my theories on “suicide bombing” - the supply of people willing to do this kind of thing has got to be running low by now. There just can’t, IMO, be millions waiting in line patiently for their turn. Therefore, once the micro-subset of suicides has blown themselves (and whoever else they could get near) all to hell, we’re done with this.

I object to you calling a culture or society “fucked up”, tone down the bigotry.

Efrem, I’m glad you’re in the Pit.
Shut the hell up, you fucking, amoral pimp! You describe suicide bombing as “mmolation, an ultimate symbol of defiance and sacrifice” and “Suicide bombers are not cowards or (as you put it) “evil”. They are angry, hopeless, proud, and stupid.”

Suicide bombers turn themselves into living weapons aimed at killing as many innocent people as possible. No matter how desperate the situation may seem to the Palestinians, nothing, nothing, NOTHING can possibly justify killing civilians to make a political point.

I can’t wait for you to post the same crapulous garbage if suicide bombings ever happen here.

I object to your having your head so far up your ass that you would consider a society that deems mass-murder okay but make-up ever so not okay could possibly be anything other than massively fucked up. That does not make me a bigot; that makes me one of the many posters here not currently suffering from a cranio-rectal inversion such as the one that motivated you to post the above.

I’ve read some stupid shit here, but that post may take the cake.

In the same vein . . .

What the hell is it with “respecting” any and every rampant stupidity or immorality, just because someone else holds it? “Well, yes, he cut his legs off at the knees with a weed-whacker, but that was his decision and we have to respect it.” “Yes, they remove the external genitalia from girls as young as four, without anesthesia, but that’s their culture and we have to respect it.” Bullshit. I’m all for personal and cross-cultural respect, but, in the words of Dilbert, when did stupid become a point of view?

efrem said… “I object to you calling a culture or society “fucked up”, tone down the bigotry.”

Over 50 % of the Pallestinian population supports suicide bombings. That, efrem, constitutes an EXTREMELY FUCKED UP society in my book.

There are other ways to confront aggression. I’m in no way condoning the acts of either side in this conflict as they’ve all participated in some pretty despicable behaviour, but there are other ways to resolve a situation than murdering civilians.

If that’s what their society refuses to condem then I have little sympathy for that society as a whole until they wake the fuck up and take a more civil approach to a resolution.