Palestinian women and children in Isreali prisons?

I don’t watch CNN very often. That’s to say, I don’t watch any of the news networks with any regularity because they’re all ridiculous. In any case, there was nothing on the other day so I just put CNN on as I was packing my bags (just in case there was an interesting tidbit of news).

When they were talking about the tunnel built by the “military branch of Hamas” that crossed into Israel, they kept mentioning that “the military branch of Hamas” is demanding the release of numerous “women and children in Israeli prisons.” They didn’t say anything about why there were Palestinian women and children in Israeli prisons.

Why is that? Who are these women and children?

It sounds horrible.

Also, why does it seem the more I read about the escalating confrontation of there that there is a distinct differentiation between the “military branch of Hamas” and “Hamas.” So much so that I read “Hamas” has actually agreed to recognize Israel.

Here is one recent new item on the topic. I do not know anything about this particular news source or its editorial stances.

It is horrible.

So if a 14 year old kid throws a molotov cocktail at an Israeli military vehicle, they should just chalk it up to “Boys will be boys”?

Why is it so hard to believe that women can be terrorists, women can be suicide bombers, women can commit other crimes. Same with kids.

We have plenty of women and children in jail here in the US. There are women and children in jail in Sweden. Is that horrible?

Yes. It’s horrible. It’s always horrible that people are in prison, rightly or wrongly. That said, I’m insinuating that they (don’t) deserve to be there.

Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.

This isn’t GD thread. I’m just asking for some info on the subject.

To really answer that question, you’d need to look at each individual case, I’d think. To do otherwise implies that their race, age and gender are the only important factors at work here.

Your post came right after mine so maybe you are addressing me. I just made a sweeping editorial comment about the whole Palestine/Israel situation, which is horrible, and results in things like children (justly or not) ending up in prison. It’s not just the prison thing. I would comment further but won’t in GQ.