Pancake Art

Are these great or what?

What a cute little girl, and what a wonderfully cool and creative dad she has.

Those are amazing!

I love the biplane. And the ferris wheel.

Yet another reason why pancakes are better than waffles!

He must be an artist for his career, then? Those are great!

Very, very cool! The most creative I’ve ever gotten with pancakes are making “Mickey Mouse” for my kids (one large center circle, with two attached, smaller semi-circles for ears; chocolate chips for eyes, nose and mouth) and making their initials (put pancake batter in the type of squeeze bottle you can buy for ketchup/mustard at the dollar store).

I do believe if I went to the effort of figuring out how to do those, then took the time to actually do them, I wouldn’t want anyone to eat them! :wink:

He is the art director at an ad agency. So he can draw and is very creative.

I think the Golden Gate Bridge one could be an item in a restaurant.

Proof that it is indeed OK to play with your food!