Pants on Fire

Pants on Fire Tour

Hee hee. Far out, man. Dig it.

Ben from Ben & Jerry’s is towing around a giant Bush effigy that appears to have flames shooting out of its pants. Ben considers this a polite way to call President Bush a liar. He may be onto something, here.

OK, so the ‘poem’ goes (I think):

Liar liar pants on fire hanging from a telephone wire.

So then isn’t the implication that Ben wants to hang Bush from a telephone wire? I think Rumsfeld needs to keep a close eye on this one. He may be a clear and present danger to America.



D’oh!!! Not Rumsfeld, Ashcroft! Ashcroft, I meant! Sheesh! How embarrassing!!

The song “Liar, Liar” by the Castaways from 1965 went like this:

Liar, liar, pants on fire,
Your nose is longer than a telephone wire.

Just thought I’d offer that essential bit of information.

Ben is going to have a problem in his own pants when Bush is reelected.

Don’t you mean if Bush is re-elected?

You know, I was watching Jefferson In Paris a few days ago, and had remarked that we modern Americans have a sad lack of burning effigies as of late.

I’m just excited that Ben Cohen is just bringing back the old tradition. :smiley:

Heh heh. Evil One’s let the secret out! It’s a conspiracy!

**Reeder ** was right all along!


Bwa ha ha!
Actually, I have been calling Bush’s reelection for about a month now. In fact, I think he will get about 52 percent of the popular vote.