Papa John's, Eat My Coupon!

Don’t know about all Papa Johns, but the one in our town is really cool, they will match any competitors offer and sometimes better it (plus their pizza is the best.) As some of you know, my ex is a manager of a Pizza Hut here and it never fails to make me laugh when my daughters visit their mom at work to find out what the specials of the week are and then use the Pizza Hut phone to call Papa and place their order. Hell, My ex does the same thing, oughta tell you something.

Aw, dammit, Opal! Now I saw that pizza…and it made me hungry! It looks sooo yummy!
I’m supposed to be watching my weight, goddammit!

I have a friend who used to work for Papa Johns and at the place he worked they had coupons that said Oops! on them and entitled the bearer to a free pizza. In the normal course of business a pizza eater would get one of these if PJs screwed up their order. My friend quit PJs and left with over a hundred of these coupons. He passed just one of them onto me. One night I called up PJs to use my coupon, I informed them that I had one and sure enough they brought me my free pizza but they did not collect my coupon. I still have it and will continue to use it until they collect it.

I think you all are missing the fact that Papa John’s is a franchise (mostly). Don’t condemn a whole company because one franchisee is a loser.

Write a letter to corporate, get free pizza!

Damn it, damn it, damn it. Another case of not reading the posts correctly. OpalCat, I am truly sorry.

Absolutely write them. You will be amazed at the freebies written complaints will bring you. Remember as the female head of household who (presumably) makes many, if not all, of the purchases required to manage a household on a day to day level, you are the target of most of their advertising. They spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to get you and those like you to think of their product favorably and first and they will do much to salvage a negative experience.

Excersize your consumer voice! When you complain you do them favor of saving your business. 99.9% of the time companies want you to go away happy - both for repeat business, and for word-of-mouth advertising. Unless they’ve screwed up so badly you don’t want to deal with them again ever, ask them to make it up to you, most will try. Espescially if its a larger corporation. I usually send a letter to the offending store and cc: it to the two highest level names I can find - usually the CEO and the COO. *Yeah, I know these get handled by secretaries, but it’s still been really effective in my experience.

Shoot off a letter. I know it makes me feel better, and it gives them a chance to make it right.

Gee I might have to try the letter to corperate after last night…Grrrrrr…

I work nights. I go to work at 10:30 pm. I get up at about 9:00 pm. When I awoke from my happy slumber last night, my wife says, “I don’t wanna cook, what say we order pizza.” Oddly enough, I had been thinking of doing that very thing. So my wife calls our favorite Pizza place, Papa Johns. She finds that the special is two large one toppings for about $14. She orders the special with a two liter of Coke. She is told that the pizzas will be here in about a half hour. Well, at about 9:45 she calls back As we still have no pizza. She is told that the guy Just Left and should be here in a few minutes. (We live about 10 blocks straight north of our nearest PJ.)

At 10:00 we are still pizzaless. Wife calls again. This is an Hour after our inital call. Wife explains that we STILL had not gotten our 'za. Idiot on phone talks to someone in the background for a few seconds then comes back and tells my wife that, according to the computer, no one had ordered pizza from our address since the middle of December. Idiot accuses wife of never having placed an order. Wife explains that if she hadn’t ordered, she wouldn’t be calling wondering what happened to our pizza. By now it is too late, and I have to go to work.
So I had to eat old sandwiches from a vending machine.

Wife called Domino’s. Ordered a large one topping and pop. Driver forgot pop, went back, got pop and got a $2 tip.

At present Fargo N.D. has a less then 1% unemployment rate.

You can tell in some places.