Papa John's just can't help but shoot themselves in the butt.

They are running a 3 topping pan pizza for 10 bucks.

Awesome. I pick my toppings and add to the cart.

A message comes up, this store requires a $17 minimum order. :frowning:

I said a few unprintable words and closed the tab.

No wonder this company is struggling. Their specials are always geared towards big families. Buy 2 pizzas for xx. My wife and I DON’T NEED TWO PIZZAS! Usually the two pizza special is under $17 and you STILL can’t get it delivered.

Heading out to pick up a $5 hot-n-ready from little caesars.

Pappa J can kiss my ***

Wrong Papa. You need Papa Murphy’s. $5 “faves” every day, but ya gotta cook 'em yerself. $10 for anything on the menu on Tuesdays.

I hadn’t heard of Pappa Murphy’s before.

I checked and there’s two in my area. I’ll give them a try.

We have a pizza stone and a good oven. :wink:

Papa Murphy’s is great.

No, I’m not a shill for Papa Murphy’s, but I have become a fan. I don’t know if the prices/specials I mentioned are universal or only local, but I go there on Tuesdays, when the entire menu (large size, any crust) is $10 each, including the “gourmet” section. I stock up on pizzas for the next 2 weeks and fill up my freezer. They frequently have a $7 extra-large NY-style pizza, an even better price. They do a LOT of business on Tuesdays, and have triple the staff on that day!

I buy several faves (available any day for $5), which are standard-crust, large-size. I get the cheese-only one, and when I need it from the freezer, just add whatever extras I have in the fridge. Very flexible!

Just my luck, they have avoided the northeast.

Since we had to go out.

We’re dining at Shotgun Dan’s Pizza. A local franchise (3 locations) in my city.

It’s very good, and usually crowded.
Been awhile and I’m looking forward to dinner.

17 dollar minimum order?
That is stupid, i wonder if corporate agrees with that? i doubt it

I assume the $17 minimum is for delivery. I’m not sure. The message popped up when I opened the cart. I didn’t get a chance to select take out or delivery.

Seems pretty dumb to advertise specials that won’t come close to meeting a stores minimum.

Pappa J may just keep sinking at this rate.

Papa John’s has always been chain pizza for premium prices. They give you that free butter sauce to make you think you’re actually eating something worth $15 a pan at non-sale price.

Pizza Hut also feels that way to me, I always get coupons for them that say FREE BREADSTICKS WITH PURCHASE OF LARGE TWO TOPPING PIZZA AT FULL PRICE and then you find out that a large two topping pizza there is actually $14, you just don’t know it because you always go for sale price.

As for myself, nothing beats a Little Ceasers $5 Hot N Ready or Domino’s $6 large when you get that pizza craving but don’t want to spend much.

They must have upped their game, or maybe just the local franchise sucks.

In this type of circumstance where being a pizza snob is less important than having pizza now, the only thing that beats a Little Caesar’s $5 pizza is their $7 pizza, the one with the Sicilian-style crust.

I liked Papa Murphy’s but both locations in my town closed after a short, downward quality spiral.

There’s another chain around here that starts with a G (Giordano’s? Georgiano’s? Something like that) that has the same business model as Little Caesar’s, but with a little better quality.

Pizza Hut very often has $10 for large pizza in my neighborhood. At least, if you order online, which I always do. It was $8 last week for handtossed. $9 for Pan and $10 for stuffed crust. Website indicates a $6 one now - carryout only, though. But I admit, I always get carryout, since I live too far away for delivery from anywhere, so that may be a common restriction - I don’t notice.

Giordano’s is the Chicago stuffed pizza place, and not really cheap (well, the personal pizza is under $10), so probably not that one.

I just double-checked: It’s Georgio’s.

We must not listen to the same radio stations. It’s very certainly “GEORGIO’S ovenfresh pi-zza com-pa-ny” :slight_smile:

Don’t listen to them! It’s a trap. Papa Murphy’s blows!!!

We have a Papa John’s about 20 miles away. It’s never been worth the trip.

I’ve never seen anything for $5.00 at Papa Murphy’s and their ‘$10.00 Tuesday’ went up to $12.00 earlier this year here, but we do eat their pizza quite a lot because there’s one 6 blocks from our house and I can go pick one up earlier in the day when it’s not busy and just not cook it until we’re ready to eat. Also we can add stuff. I like to get a large cowboy pizza and add sliced bell peppers and onions, and when they have their $7.00 large pepperoni we can go wild. :smiley:

Every year for the entire month of May they sell a ‘Taco Grande’ pizza, (either beef or chicken) that’s really good.

The only thing is, and this is just my opinion, I never order anything they make with garlic or bacon, 'cause to my palate they don’t know what they’re doing with those two ingredients. Maybe it’s just our local franchise, but their garlic is bitter, and their bacon is way under cooked.