"Papa Smurf Can I lick Your Ass?" Was this song created for the Flash movie?

Or was is actually a song released on an album somewhere?

The Flash movie, if you have not seen it, can found here:

This is unsafe for work, as you can imagine from the lyric in the thread title.

Oh yeah, and this whole thing deserved a giant WTF!!!??!!!??

Great. Just great. Now I’m gonna be singing “Papa Smurf can I lick your ass?” all fucking night long. And I’m going to see Pat Martino. “Pat MArtino can I lick your ass?”

I probably should have warned more about the “earworm” aspect of it than the profanity.

It only took me 13 years to answer this.

The song is called “Lick My Ass” by “The Boys From the Bottom”, from their self-titled 1992 album.

We can now close down the Straight Dope message board, its mission is complete.

Thanks for bringing this song to my attention. It’s definitely going on my drunk playlists.