Parachute bedding: Worth the premium or overhyped garbage?

I can’t escape the endless ads for Parachute bedding. Anyone have any experience with this company? I don’t particularly want to spend that much on bedding, but if it is worth it for comfort and longevity, then I’d consider it. I live in Chicago, so I want something that is comfortable for all 4 seasons. I’ve been using a combination of relatively inexpensive cotton sheets for summer, flannel for fall, and polar fleece for winter. They all are at the point where they need to be replaced.

I live in Minnesota…I’ve never heard of parachute bedding!

You might try linen bedding rather than changing fabrics each season. Linen is warm in winter, cool in summer, naturally wicking so you don’t wake up in damp sheets, and lasts a long time (I’ve heard of people fighting over who will inherit Grandma’s linen sheets).

I don’t know about Parachute … I bought my linen sheets from Linoto for about the same price and am completely happy with them – European linen sewn in the USA. At first I had bought some cheap ($108) Chinese linen sheets on Amazon; they felt ok but were pretty thin and the fitted bottom sheet didn’t really fit and had no elastic.

They advertise pretty heavily on podcasts and social media.

Do they wrinkle like Hell and require ironing? That would be a major drawback.

I never heard of them either. Do they require a certified packer to place them on the bed?


I’ve been using 100% cotton percale sheets from Lands End for a while now. I like them. Like the ones in the OP, the Lands End sheets have the elastic on the fitted sheet all the way around. And I believe Lands End sheets are cheaper than the ones mentioned by the OP.

(BTW, I use the same sheets throughout the year, with varying levels of blankets and bedcovers over them.)

BTW, “The Sweethome” is a product review site owned by The New York Times, and they reviewed sheets recently, with the Parachute sheets among those they considered. But their top choice for percale sheets was one from LL Bean.

And then there are those fear of falling without a parachute nightmares …

Yes they wrinkle. Ironing them has gone by the wayside since the days when everybody had a maid for that sort of thing. Linen is for comfort, not for looks.

Rich people who look stylish but rumpled are probably wearing linen.

No, but you may come home to find a bunch of third-graders sitting in a ring around your bed squealing and flapping your sheets around.

:blush: That made me smile! I’ve never heard of them either btw.