Parents TV Council going after Adult Swim

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For one thing, they dislike Cartoon Network’s decision to start Adult Swim at 8pm instead of the current 9pm. Despite the fact that, at least one of the shows that Cartoon Newtork would air (King of the Hill), at one point aired at 8pm for Fox.

One of the more surprising aspects of this (to me, anyway) is that King of the Hill is one of the tamer shows on Adult Swim, especially as contrasted with the other shows on the network. In fact, the PTC says about the show:


I think they have zero chance of actually making a difference here.


Well my first thought was I think King of the Hill aired at 7:30pm! Or maybe 8:30, but it was either right before or right after The Simpsons which I believe has always been on at 8pm (on Thursdays originally to directly compete with The Cosby Show, then moved to its current Sunday slot after Cosby ended). Something else about King of the Hill, this is so ironic because Mike Judge deliberately made the Hank Hill character about the only realistic, respectable, and usually always correct conservative figure on TV! He’s not mocking those values, he’s promoting them.

More importantly, with today’s multitude of media outlets nobody cares about stuff like this any more. Because of DVRs and the internet children especially rarely watch anything ‘live’. I don’t have kids, but I can’t help but feel that because of technology parents have more control over what their kids watch today than ever before!

A real redflag is the quote from the President of the watchdog group: “Cartoon Network’s ‘Adult Swim’ has a long history of marketing explicit animation to children”. I can explain the fundamental flaw in that theory incredibly easily: These types of groups still view any & all animation as being intrinsically made for children! It really is a generational thing, cartoons = for kids, and that’s all there is to it. The Simpsons re-ignited this idea, then Ren & Stimpy and later even more South Park threw gasoline on it, but by the time Adult Swim came along (12 years ago now!!) only the older folks were still worrying about it…

You’d think they would’ve been tipped off by the fact the first word in “Adult Swim” is “adult” That means there’s a more than likely chance that the progamming in this block is going to contain material that’s not suitable for children.

Well, they haven’t gotten to censor anything for some time, and they’re desperate for a hit. You don’t know how it eats at them that there are people out there making their own choices–and worse, having fun!

It just takes all the job satisfaction out of being a paranoid would-be theocratic nutjob.

They’re toothless, it doesn’t matter to anybody but their membership.
Seth MacFarlane has said that getting a complaint from them is like getting hate mail from Hitler.

It’s rather ironic that their founder, L Brent Bozell, is such a conservative who always calls for less government, unless it comes to demanding censorship to be imposed by the government.

One time Hank said “horse’s ass” twice in one meal

I wouldn’t want my kids to hear that by mistake when they thought they were tuning in to innocent cartoons

At my childhood dinner table “horse’s ass” was reserved for people like Stevie Nicks’ father, named, as near as I could tell, “That Damn Nicks.” I didn’t need cartoons to learn it.

My horse’s ass father killed any chances I had of betting shut down by Stevie Nicks at a Greyhound company picnic.

Anyway, why would your kids be watching shows with adult ratings, shown at the start and I assume after they return from commercials, on a program called Adult Swim?

Pretty sure that was sarcasm, I think.

It was from PSXer. It was sarcasm.