Parking in front of convenience stores

Why do these bastards parallel park in front by the street?
I can’t see around the morons to pull out onto a county road that most people drive on around 50.
Do they think they look cool and important? Little do they know they look like shit heads.

CONTEXT! Badly needed!


would be much of a convenience if you couldn’t park near it…

or ‘wouldn’t’, even…

6,230 previous posts and I get this one.

You’re supposed to be a carnivorous plant. Just eat the bloody cars.

Boy, I remember back in the day…

Come on, you need to ask?

They park in the street because it’s a bitch to pull out of the driveway.

I don’t get it. Are they parallel parking in the entrances and exits to the parking lot? If not, so what? Of course, I live in a place where parking spaces are filled before the other guy even pulls out, and people rent them for $300/month, so I can’t relate.

They are parking on the edge of the parking lot, right next to and parallel to the street. You can’t see around them to pull ou

Oh no! Someone forgot to water the plant!