Parks and Recreation reunion show

Did anybody catch the Parks and Recreation retrospective + reunion show? It was good to see the whole gang back together. Well, sort of back together. And nice to hear “5000 Candles In The Wind” again. (My wife called me a need because I knew the words and was singing along. :))

I was never a big fan of Tom Haverford during the original run of the series, but during the retrospective Aziz Ansari said something about how he wanted the character to be the Kanye West of Parks and Rec department, and it totally made sense.

I loved it, especially Perd and Joan. Exactly what we needed right now. I’m hoping some other sitcom writers take a look at it and do some other reunions. Of course, PnR was perfect for this because we’ve already flashed-forward to their future, so we already knew where they would all be. No need to waste time on catching up since the finale.

I missed the retrospective, but loved the quarantine reunion show. Particularly all the minor character callbacks.

I have to say, Adam Scott looked like he hadn’t washed his hair in weeks, and maybe could blame that on quarantine except that Retta looked fab in her quarantine.

I thought Adam Scott looked a little rough as well, but figured it was tied into his obsession with writing his Cones of Dunshire claymation script.

I liked it very much, especially Tammy’s cameo.

I didn’t watch it, but Ben being a mess and Donna looking great seems like a perfect “Treat Yo Self” example.

Damn. I forgot to set the DVR to record this. I’ll have to see if it’s available On Demand.

Wow, I guess I’m the voice of dissent; but i changed channels half way through. I thought it was painful to watch. Adam Scott definitely looked rough. Enough so that Googled him to see if maybe he was ill. His face looked so hollowed out. Also unless I missed it, I was disappointed they didn’t have Christie Brinkley but they had other 1-off characters. I would rather see Christie Brinkley than Jean-Ralphio, Joan Callamezzo, or Councilman Jamm (who didn’t look so great either, but that was more intentional).

It is. I just watched it today.

I loved the appearance of Tammy 2!

It’s up on NBC’s youtube channel:

I thought it was fun! It was interesting to see how they managed to write the scenarios, why couples weren’t together. I also thought it was cool that everyone was able to slip back in to their characters so well.

I agree about Jean-Ralphio, could have done without him. But I thought Jamm pushing his home dentistry kit was hilarious. Jamm Yourself! :smiley:

And once again, Mark Brendanowicz was nowhere to be seen. (Actually, I did see him in the background of a couple scenes in the retrospective, but not acknowledged in any way at all that he ever existed.)

I thought it worked really well! The appearance of Tammy Two was especially inspired. I loved that they took advantage of Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally’s real life marriage to have two characters appear in the same room.

I thought that they did about as well as they could have given the situation but that that was a pretty low bar. I did love the Joan and Perd cameos. The appearance of Tammy 2 was brilliant as well.

1-off? Other than Jason Manzoutkas (who’s a good friend of most of the cast/crew), all the of the drop-in characters have been in dozens of episodes. Christie was in a handful of episodes with a just a few lines. It would’ve been weird to include her since they would’ve had to explain why she wasn’t with Jerry.

I loved it and it was just what I needed. And with new content drying up, I hope other shows do it too. Maybe I’m just emotional and bored but that also makes me the perfect audience.

Heck, I would have taken Jean-Ralphio’s sister Mona Lisa ahead of Christie Brinkley any day of the week.

“Money Please!”

Ok I stand corrected. Until I just now looked it up, my definition of “1-off” was 1 character removed from the main cast. IOW an occasionally recurring character. I never knew it was 1-show, then you’re off. They could have pulled off Christie Brinkley. Her never getting older as Jerry aged was a hilarious gag. And still would have been better than Jean-Ralphio. Mona Lisa would have been better than Jean-Ralphio.

QUOTE=MaxTheVool;22281932]Heck, I would have taken Jean-Ralphio’s sister Mona Lisa ahead of Christie Brinkley any day of the week.

“Money Please!”

I would have been ok with that as well.

Dang it, the time limit had expired. The reason I came back to this thread was to post this link…

Just watched this. Two observations:
It would be funny to send this episode back in time to just after the series finale and see just how confused and terrified about the future the audience is.
Chris Pratt had lots of bugs flying around in his house.