Partner has a tiny dick?

I was discussing this with a girlfriend the other night, and we were
talking about men that we had had, who were less than…adequate.

What do you do when you’re getting intimate with a man, things progress,
eventually he whips it out and…oh my god! It’s tiny! Do you say
anything? Try not to giggle? But what if he doesn’t know it’s tiny? He
must, right? Do you tell him?

Is it true what they say about it’s not the size, it’s the technique?
But what if he’s not using any discernable technique? What do you do?
Has anyone ever broken up over this “Issue”? I can definately see a woman
being dissatisfied and deciding to end the relationship.

I’m curious. Guys, if you have a tiny dick, do you want to be told so? Do you do
anything to compensate? What should us women do, other than not laugh.

Somebody shoot me now.

Is my gun big enough? :smiley:

Oh come on Euty, it can’t be THAT small.

I’ve got the giggles here - just how many answers to you expect to get for this question?? :smiley:

Well, if you were a guy, and you weren’t sure…would you want to be told? Or just live in blissful ignorance?

Obviously, I don’t expect many men to admit to this.


Cant say much for what you should do…

But what I did and shouldn’t have…

First think WTF? Then “pump it a bit” and see if it wakes up. Realize it is as awake as it is going to get. Then suppress a huge giggle. It comes out as a snort.

The dude asks whats funny.

Ooops. I say “you are”

Dude:“Im funny because…?”

Oh that joke you told me the other day. Im sorry Im slow and I just got it.

I dont think he believed me, but I think he appreciated the effort.

(For the record. 4cm long. As for thickness… well the song that sums him up best is “thumbellina”)

AND with this guy as the exception I have always maintained sized doesnt matter.

It could just be me. . . but I would think if a guy was tiny he would notice it himself.

I wonder how common this is- I’m talking REALLY small here (like finger size). I know I’ve “encountered” one in my lifetime and was stunned. Thoughts? Experiences? Is this a physical abnormality or just the way it is sometimes?

I had a best friend (now deceased) who was gay. There was a guy that ran in his circle of friends who was, according to him, “microscopically small”. He would then hold up his pinky finger, point to the first knuckle from the top, and say, “THAT small.”

The guy definitely knew he had less going on down there than everybody else, and actually, like my friend said, it was kind of pitiful. I always wondered if there was some surgery for guys that were like him, but if there was, my friend didn’t know about it, or else he’d have gotten the other guy to have it done. His friend was really good looking, but unfortunately, it hampered his sex life a great deal.

I personally have never had a guy too small for my taste. Even if they were what some people consider “small”, they sure made up for it in technique. I have had some overly-endowed guys, though, that were lousy lovers, mainly because they were under the delusion they didn’t have to be good in bed, simply because of their size.

They, of course, were sadly mistaken.

Four… centimeters!?

I don’t have sex with men, but the title of this thread – for some reason – made me put it to the melody of There Are No Fighter Pilots Down in Hell:

Oh, my partner has a teeny tiny dick!
Oh, my partner has a teeny tiny dick!
It isn’t long or thick, but he can make to do the trick
Oh, my partner has a teeny tiny dick!

I’ve been in this position. Fortunately, the guy turned out to be lousy in bed generally, so I wasn’t in the “if only” position.

But it did prove conclusively to me that despite Nabisco’s best advertising efforts, not everything is better if it fits on a Ritz. (And sadly, I’m not exaggerating.)

nahh…this has “poll” writen all over it. don’t make it your problem.

This is the kind of thing Czarcasm and Veb live for…it will be a perfect compliment to the myriad of blow job threads there already. :smiley:

Reminds me of the Oprah show in which she’s trying to tell career women to be less judgmental about the income/status of the men that they’re dating.

And then her best friend Gayle reminds her that she dumped a guy because his sweater was only a “medium.” The clear implication was that Oprah wasn’t settling for any body parts that had a chance to be a ‘medium.’

So Stephi: what would you think of a guy that told you that you looked like your Mom? Honesty is NOT always the best policy.

A female friend of mine tells me she actually has a thing for guys with small penises. She says she thinks it came about from so many years of using a vibrator that’s quite small, so she can’t enjoy large or even normal sized men nearly as much as teeny weenies. Her booty call of choice is a guy who she says has a penis the size of her pointer finger. So for you pencil dicks out there, have faith! Apparently there are some women looking for that sort of thing.

Do you want to be told if men think your breasts are too small? What should us men do, other than not laugh?


Can breasts be too small? I like small-breasted women, myself.

I concur on this point.

And for the record, I don’t even know what “average” is for a penis, so I can’t measure mine up to any standard. For all I know, I could be seriously underendowed.

Breasts can be “too small” for the partner just as a penis can be “too small”. I think Euty’s point was more “Do you want someone to tell you that a part of your being that has some importance to you is inadequate?”

Personally, I stopped measuring (not that I ever vigorously, ah, tried…) last year when B and I got out a ruler just for the hell of it.

And no, you are not going to find out the results here, so don’t bother scrolling down to the end of this post.

[sub]It’s at least two of Silo’s “inches” and not more than 85 of same inches. C’mon, you really think that guy was as big as he said he was?;)[/sub]