Party (a Whose Line is it Anyway game)

I think… that this will be very difficult.

That’s a good song. I’m not so good on that Guitar thing, though - all difficulty’s harsh my calm.

I’m doing ok, thanks for asking.

Hey, hey, don’t be such a defeatist! :mad:

You’re lucky this party just got started, or I’d be jabbing my accusatory finger at you! It’s very pointy!

Ditto that.

Haha yes, this game is perfect for you, auto. Although I’ve lost every damn game I’ve been in with you.

I think the best bet is to take/tackle each person one by one and see what all of their posts have in common, what they’re always on about, stuff like that.

It’s not as hard as it seems to be a Host, trust me. Just have to look for patterns and clues.

Anyway, good luck!

Hey guys! Am I too late for the party? OOOOOOOOOOO meatballs! I love me some meatballs. M-M-M- tasty meatballs. I need a drink, maybe something with some O-Jay in it.

Yeah dude!! Let’s get this party started!! I’m ready to rock out with mah cock out!

If you have any freedom rock, turn it up man!!

Who’s got the Jaeger?

Geez, you guys all seem so tense. Let’s partaaaay!

I’m very scared, folks. We never know just who’s dangerous, and who might use the SDMB for their own evil, foul-breathed nastiness. We just don’t know yet. Vigilance is the key to remaining unchewed, I tell you! VIGILANCE!

I’ll be watching.


Im starving!Whaddarwehavin?

Whatever it is ,I’m not eating it!!!



I’m watching you, Mister. I’m not going to say anything yet, but for various reasons I find this post highly suspicious.

If you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about I don’t think we’re in any danger right now.

I can’t believe I’m late! I’ve been getting ready for this all day – just stopped off on my way to pick up a couple of bags of ice – nothing says “badly planned party” like running out of ice, don’t you think?

Yay! Cold stuff! It’s too frickin’ hot at my job - up past 100 today.

zuma, whatcha talking about?

We don’t need ice IMO, I think it’s kind of cold in here.

Hey! “You’re as cold as ice! Willing to sacrifice our love!” Yeah!!! Foreigner raaawks!!

Uh, yeah, so… about that Jaeger… where was it again? Wooohooo!!

I just assumed Barrington was worried about werewolves, which is silly because the next full moon isn’t for a couple of weeks.

But I don’t like the look of that pig over there. It’s got big, big teeth and slobbering jaws.

I’m glad you’re here, though. I trust you.

Wait, what…? There’s werewolves in this game too? :eek:

goes off to reread setup

Sweetie, I don’t think you need a Jaeger – how about a nice Pepsi? And here, have some of these nice Vienna sausages.

What is it about water towers that make people turn into violent, evil beings?