Party (a Whose Line is it Anyway game)

Anybody got any scotch? Straight up is always good…

And those people drinking in the bar of the Queen Mary … I’m getting even more scared. Some of them have huge jaws which slaver.

Good, I’ve arrived after most of the guests. I’ll just sneak in.
[bumps into door]
[bumps into door again]
Dammit, I’ll just ring the bell.
[ding, dong]

SSG Schwartz

Scotch and water? Sorry – I think we have a keg out on the deck, though. Here, let me get you a nice plastic cup…

Excuse me, but before this place gets too crowded, can we move that couch just a little to the left? And that table needs to be over in that other corner…

Oh I loooooove a full moon!


This better be a fluff post.

Nothing good ever came from a full moon… nothing. That’s when all the crazies come out. I’ve got my eye on you.

Fluffy like a big fat bean bag chair? Is there one of those around here? I love those too!

Great jobs, people.

Damn, there’s a slavering, drooling, hairy animal of some strange sort making a big noise outside the door! I’m scared, I tell you!

Somebody put some Night Ranger on or sumthin. This place is draggin’.

[walks away muttering]

[sub]…take my shoes off? We aint in China! …no Jager, not cool…pigs at a party?.. that ain’t natural…cheese tray… [/sub]

[walks in ]
Chips could levitate over there. That will really freak them out.
[moves bowl of chips]

SSG Schwartz

You guys may not love a full moon, but I sure do. I’ll be out on the back deck enjoying it in the circulating waters of the hot tub, eating my meatballs off a giant dinner plate. Anyone care to join me? I love the bubbles.

Um, can someone please check and see what type of animal that is? Then I’ll know if I should be worried.

Aren’t you a dear! Here, why don’t you levitate some dip along with the chips? We’ve got onion dip and a blue cheese dip also…

Man, that is unsupported by proof of any kind. Bark at the Moon was one of Ozzy’s best songs man!!

Where’s that lady with them meatballs? That one with the sausages is creepin’ me out!

Ha! Ha! Ha! they will remember that fateful day in July 2007. And that twickster, I will get her by lifting her skirt. No one will know is is me.

SSG Schwartz

Bout time a few more people got with the program!

High five bruthuh!

Where’d that guy go?

Awwwww…you better NOT!!!..I’m tellin.