Party (a Whose Line is it Anyway game)

Anybody seen Balls of Fury yet? I haven’t but I can’t wait to go see all those lovely little ping-pong balls. Balls are funny!

Has everyone checked in yet? I wanna get some substantive discussion going before I need to sleep.

Here’s the meatballs! Try the sauce on the right – it’s a nice smoky barbecue sauce. I’m not sure who made the honey-mustard sauce on the left … it’s not what I would have chosen …

[bumps into bathroom door] Dammit where is Stephen Wright when you really need him. [Opens door and stands in bathroom]

SSG Schwartz

I can tell you several people that have, but I haven’t heard too many positive reviews.

Where’s our hostesseses?

Has anybody seen anyrose? Where is anyrose? aaaanyrooooose…aaaanyrooooose…

Have you seen anyrose ?

I’m hungry. :frowning:

…by the way, what’s there to drink again? (And I’ll smite the first person that makes a Princess Bride joke. :mad: )

A full moon? Howl! Hoowl! Hoooowl! HOOOOWl! HOOooOOOoOOOoOOOwl! esrever

You have GOT to be kidding me. Are you guys doing this on purpose so I’d suspect you more, or trying to pull some elaborate game of chicken?

I’ve got my eye on you two.

Cool, thanks.

Mmmm, those are tasty! I might just have another one.

Aw crap, I spilled sauce on mah leg!!

Imma go to the bathroom and get myself cleaned up.

Here dot, some of these little round pills will help you relax. I love your name. Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot…maybe I need a pill too.


SSG Schwartz

<rusn to bathroom>

Wait wait, let me hang this mistletoe. It’ll help you guys.

Holy crap man!! I nearly jumped outta mah skin!

Yer lucky I don’t punch you in the nose man.

Hey! What the?

Calling all children in Ohio - please check under your beds.

Suspicious, Here I’m at your party, entertaining your guests having a good time, and you suspect me of something? grrrrr, that makes me sooo angry. As the late, great Shakespeare said “Something that someone whose name sounds like Shakesphere said, but is comically not something Shakesphere said” errr, I mean " methinks thou doest protest too much" Clearly you are guilty of whatever you suspect me of being guilty of. so Ha! haa! haaa! haaaa! Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog

Here, have some meatballs. Oops, dnooman took care of the barbecue sauce – I’m sure you’ll enjoy the honey-mustard sauce, though.

There’s a keg out on the deck – and you can chat with that nice Hockey Monkey while you’re out there.

Let me tidy up that extra “n” for you, dear…

Man looks like you been hangin’ around me too long hehe.

Hey! Let’s do a shot of Wild Turkey!

C’mon man, don’t be a girl. One, two, three!

Ahh, that’s some good stuff. Have you seen mah keys anywheres? Damn. I’m always doing that.

Ha! Ha! [Throws meatballs out the window]
Whispers to twickster…Remember July 2007

SSG Schwartz