Party at my place! Apparently…

So my housemate Annastacia has decided we are holding a massive party at our place soon. Shame she didn’t actually ask her housemates about it first. Annastacia has alloted our roles equitably - she does the gravy drinking and we do the paying. Which is nice.

As part of the celebrations we will be funding the final segment of the Tokyo-Paris-Los Angeles-Brisbane train line. It seems a bit extravagant given that it will be used by only one train, and has to be specially reinforced to cope with its supersized vats of gravy. But we wouldn’t want to offend by refusing. Annastacia has reserved herself a first class seat.

We will be hosting shoe wearing competitions. Underwater upside down swimming. Weapons displays. Should be rivetting.

And all performed on the back of gigantic white elephants.

Anyhoo, you are all invited, as am *I. Woo fricken hoo.

*If we shell out for the tickets, no doubt. Although I think Annastacia’s tickets were comped by the IOC in recognition for “services to the gravy industry”

I can’t think of much to say that hasn’t already been said. But I wanted to say I loved this post.

I wonder what would happen if the people in each place had to directly vote to see if the party could happen there.

I actually meant to put this in MPSIMS and not the Pit but anyway.

The voting thing is interesting. I follow the news reasonably closely and wasn’t even conscious that Brisbane was bidding for the Games until it was almost a foregone conclusion that we were hosting it. It wasn’t an election issue. There doesn’t seem to have been any public consultation at all.

I follow the comments sections in local online media and most issues will attract a balance of views. But on this issue there are few supporters. It’s hard to understand why our government were so hell bent on pursuing it.

I find the fact that governments shell out bagumpus dollars to have this party at their place offensive.

The big winners, of course are those people who own large, presentable houses in Brisbane in reasonable proximity to the main Olympic venues or transport hubs.

They then lease out said premises to overseas visitors for a month or two at exorbitant tariffs, fuck off out of the city and watch the Games a safe distance and comfort from ultra high definition new wide screen TVs.

Ummmm. I’d just like to take back what I said about Annastacia. She’s my best friend. And I love the idea of the Olympics in Brisbane.

But seriously while I do have a house that ticks these boxes, a couple of months worth of exorbitant rent isn’t actually enough to buy me off. I still think it sucks that taxpayers are going to be slugged with the cost of this white elephant.