Party game involving a "camel" (people under a sheet)

Earlier this month at work, we had a Christmas party. At the party, my coworkers played some sort of game involving a “camel” that was one or two people walking/moving around underneath a sheet.

I didn’t quite catch what the game was about (I was a bit… out of it that night.) Would anyone know more details about this camel game? It may be a French or Swiss game, if that helps.

And I did try googling “camel party game,” but didn’t find out anything.

It’s not a way for the people under the sheet to sneak some kisses with each other, is it?

Hmm, hadn’t thought of that, but I don’t know.

Probably involves humping.

:smiley: Beat me to it!

Hey Emily, Emily, what day is it?

When I was a young lad I read about a party game in an issue of Playboy I had somehow come into possession of.

In the game they described, one person or a mixed-sex couple would be covered with a sheet and told that in order to come out they must take off a specific pre-determined item, but they are not told what it is. Each article of clothing the victim(s) removed would be handed out from under the sheet, until they were finally able to come up with the item they were supposed to remove. At that point, their clothes would be returned to them.

Of course, the item they needed to remove to end the game was… the sheet.

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I saw this game played at a party I went to in New York City in the early 1970s.

They took a girl and my friend (a guy) to a separate room and then led them out individually to sit under the sheet.

The girl got down to bra and panties before she refused to go any further.

My friend threw out his underpants before he realized what the last item actually was. But they had mercy and let him get dressed again without taking off the sheet.

The clothes-taking-off game sounds amusing, but at my party, I don’t seem to remember any nudity or states of clotheslessness.

I remembe that people were joking abut a camel while there were one or two people under the sheet, but I don’t actually know if the game was supposed to involve something camel-like… Gee, I must’ve been pretty hammered.

Most likely they were going around asking people what day it is?

This was a party of French-speaking people, so I doubt it was anything to do with hump puns.