Party gets out of hand, kills stranger

A party in GA got out of hand, and the parents of the high school girl who’s house was overrun by more than 80 people asked everyone to leave.

A fight between 2 girls broke out. Another fight between 2 guys broke out. One of the girls somehow hit a guy, who backed off of hitting her, but for some dumbfuck reason vowed to kick the ass of the next person he saw.


If they don’t deserve death, a point I’ll concede has many arguments both for and against, at the very least I hope we don’t see any of these guys walking the streets of this country for a long, long time.

Oh, and fuck you to the approximately 76 people who just stood by and watched a kid get stomped and beat to death. Fuck you, assholes.

They are all 18 or over, so adult trials for all!

That’s a lot of people, I seriously doubt they all could have intervened without a dozen people getting in their way. Plus, if you’re grossly outnumbered by the assholes that crashed your party, at least four of which are psychotic enough to murder a random bystander in cold blood, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking they’d be willing and able to kill you too if you intervened directly.

Yeah, if I were there I’d have loved to have stepped in to stop it, but I wouldn’t want to become their next victim.

It’s possible that a lot of people in that crowd were dialing 911 on their cell phones, which is probably what I would have done in the circumstance. Well, I don’t know what I would have done. At a minimum I would have called 911, not that it likely would have done any good.

I bet the parents who initially hosted the party feel terrible about all of this.

Finally, we agree. I’m not sure about the death penalty, which I do advocate but have a high bar for, but the world doesn’t need to see them anymore without prison garb. How sad for the poor mother.

Death Penalty all the way for these fucking lowlives!

You had me worried. I thought something had happened to Stranger On A Train.

I would absolutely intervene, using deadly force if warranted, but only because I have a CCW and I do actually carry a firearm. Outside of that, no, there’s no way someone as small as me is going to win a fight with a psychotic teenager.

There would be quite a different headline, though. :slight_smile:
“Pistol carrying Doper kills child at party!”

That would be a funny headline, I confess.

Even though you saved a life, I bet the populace would drag you out into the street and string you up from a lamp post.

Not if there were still bullets left in the gun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh good, just like my great-great-uncle Igor. Tradition!

If I were carrying in thqt situation, I think I’d blast a few holes in the ceiling to get their attention before I tried to shoot the beaters and not hit the beatie.

That made me laugh. :stuck_out_tongue:

While I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it, I like to reserve the DP for the lowest of the low. Crowds are powerful, dangerous things, and my guess is that that played a role in this. They can often get people to behave in ways they wouldn’t otherwise. Don’t geme wrong, I want these douchebags looked up for a long, long, long time. But I like reserving the death penalty for those fucks who thoughtfully and deliberately do evil. Like those scumbags in CT. One just got the DP, and I’m thrilled. I only wish they could kill him 6 times, one for each of the DP verdicts he received.

Bobby Tillman was stomped to death by these 4 guys.

Must have been from a different fraternity. Couldn’t have been any racism involved.

You mean black-on-black racism?

Article with photo of Bobby Tillman.

Article with photos (mug shots) of the four men suspected of killing him.

I got nauseous when I read the article last night. I couldn’t imagine this happening to my kid. I would never be able to get the thought of my innocent, cheery son being stomped to death by 4 big goons out of my head, and I’d probably kill myself.