Passing through SLC, Nevada to Wyoming, Is there a cheese store near my route?

I will be passing through SLC, Nevada to Wyoming, Is there a cheese store near my route? I once lived in SLC so finding an address wouldn’t be too difficult I don’t think.

We’re looking for a wheel of hard dry Jack to drop off as a favor to in-laws in some god forsaken place.

I hereby nominate this as the Most Weirdly Specific Thread of the week.

A Google search for “salt lake city cheese shop” seems to return a few useful hits…

I visited one in Reno, but he was all out of cheese and he lied about it.

Okay I even googled it - there is no SLC Nevada, it’s in Utah. This thread made me doubt that :frowning:

You shot him, right?

Where in Wyoming? Sticking to I-80 or some other highway? Does it have to be in Salt Lake?

Theseguys are supposed to be really good. At least my family routinely raves about their artisan cheeses. And it is only bit of a jog north on I-15. Get on I-84 and you are back on your way.

If you are going North up US 89 to Jackson Hole and points north, the Star Valley Cheese Factory in Thayne used to be fantastic. But I haven’t tried it in years.

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I find the best cheese selection down here in Utah County is at the Harmons Grocery Store. Plenty of them up in Salt Lake, they do carry the Beehive cheeses mentioned upthread, along with many others. Good hours, and lots of locations.

If anybody knows of a better cheesemonger, I’d sure like to hear about it, cheese is one of the few areas where I begin to understand the foodies passion.

I would second the Star Valley Cheese factory in Thayne, Wyoming or the Gosner Factory near Logan, Utah (I’d call ahead for a big specific order). Also, if you are coming through WYO on I-80 and want some local info of color, PM me, I’ll see what I can do.

There was a specialty cheese house here in SLC for years, located in an upscale mall in one of the most upscale neighborhoods anywhere in the entire state of Utah.

It had an amazing selection, with amazing prices to match (as in “I am fucking amazed that anyone is willing to pay that much for a pound of gouda from the Netherlands, no matter how good it is.”) and I thought it was still open and going strong, but when I called them up to ask about wheels of cheese after reading this thread, I found out that they are out of business…


Harmon’s does have quite a vast selection; Good luck!!!

Star Valley Cheese Factory in Thayne has been closed ‘‘for a long time’’ according to locals. Failed in SLC to find anyplace with dry jack. Most people just looked at me with a bewildered look.

Dry jack? I think there are medicines for that now.