Past Gibraltar, into the Atlantic...

Yay! (Damn. I felt like Esprix typing that word.)

It’s a straight shot to Norfolk (With a four-day detour to Lisbon… what the heck is there to do there?)!

My son… a Dopefest… billiards… potential sex…

14 and a wup!

Yay Chief!! And don’t forget…it’s you WINNING at billiards, since I suck.

Wait…should I say I suck around Chief right now? thinks

I can’t help noticing that you are on a boat load of men, and you mention potenital sex and Esprix’s name in the same post. [AustrianAccent] Werrrry Interrrresting[/Austrian Accent]

::Ducks, and attempts to outrun the nukes::

Unlike the previous poster, SlingingGriddles, who not only impugned your sexual orientation but even added an inadvertant(?) smiley, let me wish you fair winds and smooth sailing.

(Maybe if we can get this guy back home and a little more, um, relaxed, there will be less sexual innuendo and flirting on this board. Then we can get back to the actual business of this board, which is … oh. Never mind.)

The Straight Dope: Fighting impotence since 1973
(It’s taking longer than we thought)

Fair winds and following seas, Chief. Amazing how ‘14 and a wakeup’ sounds so much better than ‘over 2 weeks’, isn’t it?

Continuing a tradition of strategic omission:

The Straight Dope: Fighting impotence since 1973
(It’s longer than we thought)

Hey,all right Chief.NO BETTER feeling in the world than coming home.I could smell the perfume eminating from the pier before the harbor pilot stepped on board!
Don’t forget to follow the rules of B.O.C.O.D.! You can’t die of D.S.B. in 4 days.

Chief - I sailed down to The Azores last summer and flew back via Lisbon. Spent a few days there. Very, very pretty, bloody, bloody hot this time of year and no A/C. Mind the prices they charge, they do love a tourist. Wish I could recommend some nice places but after the weekend we just headed up the coast. Women are very appealing but you might have to rely on the language of love rather than English. Happy hunting.

The Lieutenant JG peers at the horizon and then addresses his SP’s: “Any day now there will be a big-ass boat with a whole bunch of anxious guys (and some girls) arriving into port. Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

Don’t you mean a strategic emission?