Pastor my ass...tipping related

I have a MUCH better understanding of Og than this “pastor” and I know og is just a story!

FUCK You pastor…FUCK YOU!

why would og need money?


MPSIMS thread already in progress.

IMHO thread already in progress.

So? This kind of shit chaps my ass. “Oh, we’re already talking about this over here.” So fucking what?

There could be a conversation going on in each forum about the same subject, and they’d all be entirely different conversations serving entirely different purposes. That’s why we’ve got different forums! Sheesh.

That said, the OP sucked. I mean, I’m always delighted to be faced with a wall o’links in an OP, but this one was even less informative than most. What isn’t in a link is just stupid, meaningless, and barely even coherent.

GQ: What causes chapped ass?
GD: Resolved: chapped ass should not be covered by Medicare
CS: What if Frodo’s ass were chapped on the way to Mordor?
GR: Anyone interested in playing Ass Chappers?
EL: Will chapped ass be a factor in the 2016 election?
IMHO: Poll - chapped ass or sandy vagina?
MPIMS: I think my cat’s ass is chapped
BBQ: Frank, you and your chapped ass come on down
ATMB: Why wasn’t Frank warned for being a jerk (re: “chapped ass”)?

So, douche-nozzle, you’re reading a whole fucking lot into two links provided for the OP and others who are interested in reading and responding to existing commentary on this subject. Nowhere did I say the OP shouldn’t have been started here, nor did I report the thread for closure/merger.

But, since you bring it up…

Not really. Sometimes, yes, but not with this particular topic. Since the person being pitted is not a member of this board, and it is highly unlikely that anyone on this board will be taking the other side and defending the pastor’s behavior, there’s very little purpose a Pit thread could provide that the MPSIMS and IMHO threads can’t. You’re allowed to say “fuck that bitch” as much as you want over there, too, you know.

And, as the desolate IMHO thread shows, there’s just so much play one minor story can get. If there’s no good reason to segregate aspects of the conversation, it’s better to try to just keep it all in one place. Which, by my linking the existing MPSIMS thread (and whoever did the same in the IMHO thread), serves that purpose.

I am tired of this bullshit. Do any of you lowly mortal beings have any idea how expensive it is supporting your ancestors in their afterlife? You think white robes are cheap? Do you know what it costs paving the streets in gold? The angels playing their harps, you think they work for free? Did you know the price of transporting souls to heaven has tripled in the last 20 years? And your prayers, do you have any idea how large my prayer staff is and what it costs to keep that help line running? And yes, I’ve outsourced much of that to India too. You cheap bastards, do you think I get a penny royalty from the sale of my Bibles?

And yes, I’m still counting sexual transgressions as sin.

Very truly yours

10% is a shitty tip barely above what the server has to claim, you’ll get served but you wouldn’t see me running with your new fork or extra ranch dressing.

No wonder prayers aren’t answered in a timely manner, if at all.

So actually there is only one existing thread happening, because the second one linked back to the original one. And the OP obviously has some un-MPSIMS-y words for the situation.

So maybe chill.

Wow, that pastor called Applebee’s to get her fired.

That’s fucking weak, you should have the balls to stand by things you write.

What are un-MPSIMS-y words?

The so-called “Pastor” is an Epic level Douchenozzle.

Probably not a lot of people going to side with her, except other douchenozzles.

If you post work related things on the internet, you are going to get yourself in trouble eventually.

[hijack] …couldn’t read that & not hear in my head, “…i…p…p…i…!” Nice! [/hijack]


Much more likely, the OP (and others) didn’t know about the MPSIMS thread until I helpfully provided the link to it. And the whole reason there is only one active thread is because someone else did the same thing in the IMHO thread.

Amazing to me that someone could think I’m the one that needs to chill for responding to someone getting bent out of shape about my simply linking to an existing discussion.

How is it that so many people, who have been here forever, still don’t have a grasp on what is and is not allowed in each forum? I thought I was a bit slow on the uptake, but this is ridiculous.

Yes, Virginia, you can say “Fuck that other guy over there” in MPSIMS.

The server who got fired is the one who posted it on Reddit, who apparently is not the same one who actually waited on the pastor and got the shitty tip.

Oh, ok then.

Calling management when your smart ass note becomes public is still lame, and makes you look like an even bigger…douchenozzle, I think it was determined.

I agree. Sure, lady, your reputation has been ruined - because people who leave snarky comments in lieu of tips are bound to have spotless reputations. In any event, the pastor supposedly demanded that everyone be fired.

Their firing everyone up in here!

Pastor got what they deserved. You’d think religious types would get this whole tipping thing, given as they all pretty much work on tips. Its not like I swing into the Catholic Church say and they charge me 5.95 for a morning service and ask me if I would like to supersize my communion wafer.