Pat Buchanan: "Breivik may be right"

Do you really think he sounds like he is defending the man? (bolding mine)

There is no bigger pig than Buchanan.

This is nothing that PB hasn’t been saying for years.

True. PB is the archetype of a kind of conservative who prides himself on being hard-headed and realistic, willing to face the ugly truths without flinching, something sadly lacking amongst idealistic and daffy lefties. Real problem with that thinking is it tends to believe that if something is ugly, it must be true, if anyone is happy, its only because they are ill-informed, and the PB of the world rush to correct.

Somebody once said Pat Buchanan is only rational 15% of the time. It might have been Hunter Thompson, so 15% is probably an over-estimation.

Yes. Bolding mine:

No, Pat, he cannot be, and you ain’t helpin’ none here.

Buchanan is partially right about this - to the extent that importing an underclass is a bad idea, especially where they don’t identify with the culture. That is obvious from the terrible problems in Paris.

That is seen here.

The answer is to be more selective in recruiting from populations with a higher level of state dependency. Otherwise, Milton Friedman’s comment about the welfare state and open borders being incompatible will be proven correct.

Which would ruin an otherwise perfect record.

We’ve done it before. Looking back now, it was always a good idea.

You’re talking about the US with people mainly from Europe when there was no real welfare system.

That should make adjustment/assimilation easier, not harder.

Just like he doesn’t defend Hitler in his deranged version of history where the British started WW2. The man is an utter fucktard.

I think this may be right.

Well done. You trolled through the 1500-page rantings of a deranged individual and found a paragraph that contained the truth, all in the defense of a man who’s a proven liar and racist.

I hate Illinois Nazis

Pat, Glenn, in the pig, NOW!

Thank you.

Don’t forget that he’s a fan of girls’ beach volleyball.

And Hitler ate sugar. Want some?

Can you point to the specific passages where he is defending him?

[QUOTE=BrainGlutton;14067979No, Pat, he cannot be, and you ain’t helpin’ none here.[/QUOTE]

Oh, BrainGlutton is going to take time off from posting OPs like Linda Richmond and divine the future. Oh, boy! You know, I think Buchanan has a much better grasp on world events and the sweep of history than you do. And at least Buchanan has the sense to say something MAY happen in the future. You say it cannot happen. How do you conclude that the notion of the Christian West and Islam clashing spectacularly CANNOT happen? Or are you just talking out of your ass, as usual?

I’ve read some of his books. He don’t. He is wrong about everything that he seems to regard as important, including how civilizations decline and fall.

Buchannan is the brains in the tea baggers. he is their hero. What he was saying will play well in baggerland.