Pat Buchanan: "Breivik may be right"

sigh And now Pat Buchanan weighs in. (He’s still alive?!)

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Pat, you lost any relevance you may have had when you turned your faction of the Reform Party into the America First Party and it fizzled. Just accept it.

Pat Buchanan, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Bill Donahue…
Why did America fail to stem the flow of bigoted immigrants after the Potato Famine?

There is nothing stopping Patrick J. Buchanan from migrating back to the Auld Sod & fighting for a white Catholic Ireland. Nothing stopping Anglo-Saxon supremacists from migrating back to Great Britain & joining the BNP.

That they do not indicates that they are not serious about reclaiming the British Isles for the White Race, & this is idle whining by daft ignorant twits who expect the Old World to stay the same as it was when their ancestors left it.

If Pat Buchanan is now defending a white man who shot dead dozens of other white men as somehow defending whiteness under siege, then he’s done. He has embraced violence against the inoffensive, thus putting himself outside the civilized, & he’s not even a good racist.

Boots to the head for the rest of your life, Patty Pat.

Well to be fair we also have laws in immigration. They couldn’t just move here on a dime unless they actually had an Irish grandparent.

We don’t want them. We have immigration restrictions to keep this sort of lunatic out.

I presume that Britain’s Afro-Caribbean population will be shocked to discover that it doesn’t speak English.

You ever meet one? I am sure they are under no illusions in that regard, mon. :wink:

Unless, of course, Ireland or the UK have some sort of immigration laws intended to keep out stupid losers. Or people who advocate terrorist activity.

Dear Mr Buchanan,

Go stick your head in a pig.


Alive and still gleefully rewriting history to suit his bizarre, bigoted views.

Last month he took umbrage at a brief mention of his isolationist tendencies in a New York Times Book Review article, and fired back a response in which he laid bare the true cause of World War II (we and those nasty Euros weren’t nice enough to Hitler):

*"In March 1939, six months after the Munich agreement, Slovakia sought to secede from Prague. Hitler accepted its request for a protectorate, then bullied President Emil Hacha of Czechoslovakia into making his rump state a German protectorate. No vital British interest was at risk, yet on March 31 Neville Chamberlain issued a sudden, unsolicited war guarantee to a junta of Polish colonels who had joined in dismembering Czechoslovakia.

Enraged at Poland’s refusal to discuss a return of Danzig, a town taken from Germany at Versailles, Hitler attacked. Honoring its commitment, Britain declared war on Germany, bringing in the empire and eventually the United States, and turning a 30-day war in Eastern Europe into a six-year world war. Out of that world war came tens of millions of deaths, the Holocaust, Stalinization of half of Europe, collapse of the empire and the bankruptcy of Britain. And was Poland saved? No, but ’twas a famous victory."*

Goebbels couldn’t have said it better.

BrainGlutton, I know how much you deeply hate having to provide your own content for your OPs, but posting entire news articles is still against the board rules, as you damn well ought to know by now.

Don’t do this again.

“It probably sounded better in its original German.”

So the Holocaust never would have happened if Britain had not declared war? Say what now?

The what?

Well, Poland was saved from the Nazis.

Lech Walesa wants a word with you. :wink:

But I doubt there was a Pole (left*) alive at the time to whom the Soviet conquest at the end of the war was not both a liberation and a change for the better. Given the low bar on both counts.

  • Yes, yes, I know all about Katyn.

RaleighRally must be relieved.

No pig deserves that.

First Glenn Beck, now Pat Buchanan. :rolleyes:

We’re gonna have to get a bigger pig . . .