Patrick Stewart is Ageless!

At least I think he is. Here’s his photo on Wikipedia: Patrick Stewart. It’s taken in 2019. But you get the picture.

It’s been over 27 years since ST: TNG. And he hasn’t changed that much, IMHO at least.

Question: who’s the second best ager on the list from Star Trek: the Next Generation? Post or embed an image please.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: .

Hana Hatea (Molly O"Brien)

Yeah, I cheated, what of it?

LeVar Burton, who was 30 when TNG premiered, and is now 64, still looks great, and really doesn’t look like someone who is going to be eligible for Medicare three months from now.

@running_coach I can’t see your image. What happened to it? :slightly_smiling_face:

@running_coach She didn’t change? She changed more than any of them. She grew up :wink: !

@kenobi_65 Plus as any lady will tell, Levar is still hot too :wink: .

Stewart hasn’t changed that much because he already looked old before ST-TNG started - same as he looked in Excalibur or Dune.

But watch him actually acting in ST:Picard, moving and speaking, and he looks ooooold.