Paul McCartney in L.A.

Did anybody else have a chance to see Paul on this tour? It was an absolutely amazing show.
I cried five times. At the beginning (opening song was “Hello, Goodbye”), when he had paid his tribute to John (sang Here Today), when he paid his tribute to George (saing Something while playing an Ukelele—Apparently George was a great Ukelele player.) And a few more times when I realized I was watching Paul McCartney singing and playing.

He played quite a few songs I didn’t expect him too. Including Getting Better, Mother Nature’s Son, Here There and Everywhere, and Let Me Roll It. He sounded great though, and we were all dancing and clapping and having a ball. It was a giant sing-along with 15000 of my closest friends.

It was a night that will always live in my memory. After years of hoping that he’d just do one more tour, and years of watching A Hard Day’s Night and the Beatles Anthology thinking “well, this is the closest thing to a concert I’ll ever be” this was so satisfying. So wonderful.

Oh, yeah - I saw it two weeks ago at the MCI Center in Washington, DC.

AWESOME show. I had seen him at RFK Stadium back in 1990, and I think he was even better this time around. He looked fantastic and sounded incredible. I can’t believe he’s going to be 60 in July.

I hope he tours again in the near future. I think I’d get tickets to see two shows next time instead of only seeing him once.

The only thing I could’ve done without was the little dance show beforehand. I wasn’t quite sure just what that was all about.

I gushed all about it in my LiveJournal a couple weeks ago. :slight_smile:


Actually, he’ll be 60 on June 18. (My anniversary, not coincidently. :wink: )
Yeah, the dance show was a little confusing…but interesting. I do regret not buying tickets for tonight’s show at Arrowhead in Anaheim. sigh Oh well, hopefully he decides to do it again.

slaps forehead

June, not July. I meant to write that. When I saw him in 1990, it was on July 4th. He said “Hey, America - today’s your birthday! I just celebrated mine last month!” and then went on to play “Birthday.”

Since it was a stadium, they had fireworks going off at one point in the concert (during “Birthday” maybe?). Very cool show.


I got to see him at the FleetCenter in Boston on April 19th. Best concert I could ever have asked for. Except for the dance thing…I just didn’t get the whole French Revolution lady wandering aimlessly through my corner of the FleetCenter. I was beginning to think I was at the wrong place (Hello, Goodbye ended that thought in a hurry, of course).

Anyone know if he’s going to publish a CD from this tour, like “Tripping the Live Fantastic” or “Paul Is Live” albums? I’d love to hear Maybe I’m Amazed over again…

I saw him on his “Flowers in the Dirt” tour and was really blown away. At one point he played I think the whole second side of Abbey Road straight through, with a huge, extra “rock-out” guitar section. Do not let anyone tell you that Paul Mc Cartney does not rock, for verily, he rocks and HARD.

How weird was it to not see Linda there? I’m thinking that must’ve been really odd.

I went to the opening show in Oakland. My wife made me.

It was a decent show, though.

I went to one of the shows in Vegas.

Absolutely fantastic.

It was definitely a sing along, which was what impressed me about it. I looked around: old, young, all different ethnicities. All singing along to his songs.

And for someone who’s knocking on 60, he looks wonderful. Sigh.

I’m not a real follower of his solo stuff, so I was not expecting much from the concert. Because he played all the real big hits, I pretty much knew every single song, except for the couple he played from his most recent album.

Definitely worth the ticket price, and then some.