Paula Poundstone charged with molesting child!


:eek: :eek: :eek:

Of all the possible kinds of molestation (older male/younger female, older female/younger male, older male/younger male, older female/younger female), this is possibly the most unusual. And it’s a celebrity who’s being accused, which makes it rarer still.

Hm. Anyone have thoughts on this? It’s certainly very possible that she’s not guilty at all, of course. I guess it would be absurd to assume anything at this point, but still - a jarring headline…

This probably should have gone to IMHO, but I didn’t think it was sufficiently substantial for that forum. I bet I’m wrong, though…

I think this is the first time I have ever said “this CAN’T be true!” simply because I like a celeb. I know there are a lot of Poundstone-haters here, but I think her two HBO specials were a scream. Also (why not jump in with a silly, bigoted statement, too?) I just didn’t think lesbians DID such things!

I hope this will turn out to be one of the many hysterical, false child-molestation charges . . . But the poor dear’s career is pretty much shot now. Not that it was going great guns recently.

She inherited the coveted Kitty Carlisle chair. That promises steady work for the rest of her life.

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on the OP - I like her. I still mentally crack up every time I think of her bit about being a waitress (if my customers were mean to me, I’d go back and handle their food)

I hope it’s unfounded. Very bad for all involved if it isn’t. Very bad also, in a different way, if it is.

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