PayPal payment "denied by card issuer," but I didn't charge it to my card!

I’m trying to get some money to Belgium via PayPal. PP won’t let it happen and says “denied by card issuer,” altho I asked to debit my bank account, not charge my credit card (which is the backup payment source).

I’ve contacted PP, who says the card issuer can deny the payment even if the card is not charged, and my card issuer, who says they can’t do any such thing.

Next step is my bank, but first, I wanted to check if anyone’s had this same problem, and how they resolved it. TIA.

You didn’t give PayPal a debit card tied to your bank account, did you?

I’m assuming that you are in the US, Doug.

Is it possible your bank is denying an international transfer of funds?

It is entirely possible, tho I have had PPs go thru fine from international parties to me recently.

Since 2012, some credit cards don’t allow international transactions to certain countries (particularly China) to prevent fraud, prevent payment for services like internet gambling, or prevent potential money laundering. In the case of internet gambling, I believe all US credit cards are now blocked from use.

Some services like file-sharing will advertise they accept PayPal, but it won’t work from the US. You have to go through a reseller or use a specific type of prepaid card to complete the transaction.

The restrictions carry over to overseas travel. Even the Accepted Everywhere CC cards, are usually restricted to a certain type of card from the company and have the same country / use restrictions as a regular CC. Prepaid VISA and MC gift cards used to be able to be used internationally, but not anymore.

Your bank may be the card issuer in this case, as they issued you your debit card.

Did you have any luck contacting your bank?

Can you use your linked account to transfer money to PayPal one day, then when that goes through, send the PayPal funds to Belgium? I.e. do it as two separate transactions, with no bank involvement in the overseas portion.