PC game - Disco Elysium

Bumping this because the patch is ready tomorrow. I’m really excited. :slight_smile:

FWIW (they love the update):

I missed the edit window.

IGN now ranks the game as a 10 (was 9.6 before). A must play masterpiece.

I got for PS5 last night. It was 20% with a PS+ membership so ended up being about $30 to me. It was a bit confusing what to do at the beginning (for whatever reason you need to highlight a dot with your right stick before you can hit X - which is fine, but they don’t actually tell you that you need to be doing that so I walked up to the dots and kept hitting X until I looked up online how it’s supposed to work).

It’s HILARIOUS. I love it already. Though I randomly died early on because my morale dropped… so another internet search to figure out WTF.

Aside from those annoyances, it’s been fun.

It seems the update had a few issues so a patch is on the way:

this is why you should get at least 2 morale at the beginning of the game.

note that when you have healing items on hand, you can still heal even if you get down to 0 morale; there’s a bit of time where you see the health bar go down before you actually get a game over screen.

After an internet search that became apparent, lol. I also added a point to Volition next time I got a skill point! Though it was wasn’t clear at all at the time.

One thing I love about the game is that with a high encyclopedia stat, you get lots of trivia/background about the things you see/the things people talk to you about.

Most of the time, these bits of information doesn’t help with the situation you are facing, but you can’t stop these thoughts from coming up; I sometimes feel like this when I am talking with friends irl.

The inner monologues are the best part of the game. Especially when you have moderately high numbers in “rival” skills and your inner monologues start fighting amongst themselves.

Annoying there are some decent sized bugs on the PS4/5 version. It affects Day 3 significantly. So waiting for patch 1.2 to fix these issues, which they said should be out in 1-2 days… roughly 5 days ago.

It’s been a hoot otherwise!

Well the developers have sure stepped in it. After saying the patch should be out in 1-2 days and not saying anything for about a week, they said on Discord the patch should be out today (this was yesterday). It did not appear. Nothing on Twitter either.

This is a PR disaster at this point.

Patch 1.3 is out now:

1.3 came out very soon after 1.2 but yet there still seem to be some soft lock bugs (there are workarounds if you search the internet). Though releasing a patch and in the announcement saying we’re hard at work on the next patch is interesting.

The greater transparency is good. Though judging from the PS5 subreddit they may have already burned a lot of bridges.