PC: USB mouse causes screen freezes

I have an optical mouse that can either be connected to my PC via USB or to the standard “old” mouse port (via a small adapter).

I’ve noticed that when it’s connected on the USB, when playing games I’ll get frequent “freezes” where game is frozen, but ironically the mouse pointer is still movable.

It’s no big deal for me to connect it the other way, but I was wondering if anybody else sees this with USB, or if it’s only my machine.

It’s a Logitech optical mouse, and the PC is 2.0 Ghz Compaq Presario.

I have the same type of mouse, but have only had problems when I try to use the mouse wheel during game-play (and only with certain games!)… does it happen when you use the mouse wheel?

Warning: I have not tried this on my computer, as it hasn’t been a big issue (but it has been an idea rolling around in my head) You might try playing with the mouse control properties by right clicking the Logictech mouse icon in your taskbar (assuming you have one, as I do). Also check to ensure that the mouse isn’t conflicting with anything else (look at the hardware properties). Another idea is to see if there are any updated drivers available from Logictech, if so, install them and see if that helps.

Also, what OS are you running?

It doesn’t seem related to the wheel.

I’ll check the mouse driver, good idea. Shoulda thought of that myself.

Regarding conflict: Is it even possible for a USB device to conflict with anything? I assumed that conflicts had gone the way of IRQ tweaking and such.

I’m using Windows XP home.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I dunno… but it’s worth checking. USB devices, I believe, use IRQ 9 (which, in turn, cascades to IRQ 2), so there shoudln’t be a conflict there… but there could possibly be a conflict in terms of memory address assignments (?). I’m not very familiar with Win XP, so I can’t advise too well regarding it.

Try the driver update and see what happens…