Pearl bracelet: bad form?

Are pearl bracelets bad form? Should one only wear earrings and necklaces? I hope Eve answers…

My wife loves her pearl bracelet. Then again she loves jewelry period. However, her pearl bracelet is made from Fresh water pearls from Japan…does that make a dif?

Pearls are always in good taste: bracelet (wrist, not ankle!), necklace (strands in even numbers: one or three), earrings.

Just be sure not to wear too much jewelry at one time: necklace and earrings, or necklace and bracelet, or earrings and bracelet. But not all three at once.

(What, no feelthy “pearl necklace” jokes?)

Give it time. It’s early yet.

Pearl necklass jokes :confused: :dubious: :eek: :smiley:

Let me be the first to say, “Huh?” (I think the rule is an odd number of strands.)

Out of curiosity, what’s the occasion?

Well, the occasion is that I’ve picked out a pearl necklace and bracelet for my birthday (already have earrings), and someone objected that pearl bracelets are not good. I have been wondering, myself, where I’d wear the pearl jewelry. I need to start dating rich men who will take me to the opera, I suppose. Or, I could do some basic logic. If I (A) wear cashmere twinsets to class and (B) cashmere goes with pearls, then I can (C) wear pearls to class? Probably not :smiley:

You know, out of all the songs ZZ Top did that I don’t understand, that’s gotta be near the top of the list. Though I now have an odd mental picture of June Cleaver with Ted Nugent’s beard.

I wonder if the lack of pearl bracelets has to do with the softness of pearls. My bracelets tend to get knocked into things when I am wearing them. Pearls are rather soft, and this could damage them.


I found lots of links to sites about caring for pearls, and they all seem to be copies of each other.

What would be wrong with simple pearl stud earrings, a simple pearl bracelet and a single-strand necklace? Is that too much?
That’s what I wear when I’m “dressed up.”

Oops—I meant to type “odd.” One or three strands.

I guess that’s alright for a formal occasion—but remember, when you raise the braceleted arm toward your face: PEARLS!!!

Phlosphr, asterion
“Pearl Necklace” has sexual connotations which are probably not suitable for this thread.

Consider the following: ZZ Top did a song of the same title, the trm filthy has been applied to the term in this thread, a necklace goes around the neck. Given this, I’ll leave it up to you to decide what the “perals” are.

Or you can google “pearl necklace” but be careful if you’re at work.

erg…my name is Inigo and I am special. Every Saturday volunteers from the United Way visit me and teach me how to preview my posts…

I love a pearl bracelet, but they have to be very small ones (and I prefer the irregular to the perfectly spherical). I have small wrists, and I don’t want to end up looking like Lisa Simpson!

Thank God. I was worried, but if you say it’s okay, then I know it’s okay.
Now, if anyone tries to tell me I’ve made a major fashion blunder, I can just say, “Well, Eve said it was okay!”
And then I’ll smack them with my lorgnette.

My grandmother’s advice: “Get dressed for the evening and then take off one piece of jewelry. NOW you can leave the house.”

She also knew that you can always tell what kind of person a man is by the condition of his shoes.

plnnr, is this your grandmother’s advice for going out in the evening, or during the day?

For evening.

You should wear even less jewelry during the day.