Pearls Before Swine Jan. 13

Until reading today’s Pearls Before Swine, I never thought of Slylock Fox as a strip that could be parodied and lead to great humor, but appearently it is. (And I mean that as a compliment!) I especially love the “at least six differences” panel, which reminds me of a gag Gary Larson did once: “Hey kids! How many major household appliances are hidden in this picture?” Jerry Scott is the co-creator of Zits and Baby Blues- not sure what the joke is there.
If you don’t have access to a newspaper to see them bigger or anything, here are the answers to the “can you find at least six differences” puzzle:

1. First panel labeled “PANEL 1” and second panel labeled “PANEL 2”
2. In panel 1, Rat feels an internal urge to punch Pig. In Panel 2, urge has diminished
3. Panel 1 is below Panel 2
4. There is a flying toaster in panel 2
5. and 6. There are no fifth and six differences. The question was “can you find at least 6 differences?” The answer is no.

So what is the answer to the “who shot Bob the croc” panel?


Larry’s alibi is obviously false since he’s holding a smoking gun. Dose crokydiles sure is stoopid. (I can’t help but think of one of my favorite crokydile moments- one of the crocs is going for a job interview with an electronics company and answering in the usual idiotic croc style. All of a sudden, a second croc barges in in a costume and says “Me Bill Gate! Me found Microsoft! Me invent Window! You need hire my friend…after all, me Bill Gate!” The last panel is the two crocs out on the street, one saying to the other something like “Interview was going great until you show up.”)

Yeah, today’s strip was a good one.

The bit about “Which of these comic strips was around when Hitler invaded Poland?” was also a well-deserved bit of snark.

Well…but…maybe he just shot his television! (I mean, c’mon, you can’t say you haven’t thought about it sometimes.) And then came outside, smoking gun still in hand (since there was obviously nothing on TV anymore), and found Bob the Croc’s lifeless body!

Yeah, that’s it.

Never thought about it that way. Elvis would be proud.

Oh, it definitely can.

Besides this, I forgot some of the jokes that The Comics Curmudgeon makes, too. It got lost in my mind buried under rampant ogling of Cassandra Cat and more information about licorice.

This was the second really good Pearls in less than a week. I giggled hysterically at the strip on January 9.

Nothing tops his Family Circus 1/11/08

For comic artists parodying Slylock, there’s also My Cage, December 17-23.

I’m guessing Bob Weber wasn’t offended by this parody, but rather flattered, since some rather special guests appear in today’s Slylock Fox (Feb. 3).

All of that deductive reasoning Slylock did was wasted. Of COURSE it was Rat…or Pig’s guard duck.

Weber is a great sport. After the Comics Curmudgeon community started paying ahem close attention to Cassandra Cat, Weber found the website and wound up drawing official art for CC to sell.

Not meant to be a plug, just showing for effect.

Two pieces of art, actually- he had to redo it since he accidentially misspelled the character’s name “Cassanda” on the original.