Pedophiles United Against Homosexuality


Sorry, but if the general public knew more about psychology this wouln’t surprise anybody. A priest that holds such thunderous crusades agains homosexuality obvously has issues with it. If he didn’t, the subject would leave him totally indifferent.

Having such issues with a subject like phedophilia requires psychological defensemechanisms. For instance reaction formation (making pedophiles out to be devils incarnate, and denying you have any such feelings whatsoever) or molesting kids. This guy did both.

Color me unsurprised.

Aw, they’ll just forgive him, like Rush forgave himself for drug use.

“God has forgiven me…why can’t you?”
“Makes sense…send him Bobby’s college fund.”

Twenty points to anyone who recognizes this.

I’ll be sure to donate my twenty point to Oral Bill…

Ding ding ding ding! And we have a winner! How old are you, Hal? Just wondering!

(I’m 28, I’m wondering if we were the same age when we read those books).

Wow, Bill D. Katt. Aka (asmentioned above) Oral Roberts.
Aka a large woamn named betty.

Sorry, Hal already got the twenty points. If you send your money now, though, you can get this great Oral Bill t-shirt.

Make all checks payable to Elenia28.

I though she was named Freida.

And he was a no-nukes liberal gun nut.

Philadelphia Inquirer: 1/15/04:

Daily Local: 03/20/2004:

I’m too late to claim the twenty points, but I will always remember the headlines of the newspaper announcing the scandal:

Fundamentally Oral Bill Caught in Lovenest With Transsexual Slave Trader Watching the Movie ‘Reds’
Sources Say Lover Was Also a Democrat
Will His Flock Forgive?

Ah, yes, the real reason Berkeley Breathed stopped writing… he no longer needed to, as life began to imitate his art…

A big freakin’ touche there, my friend.

I’m a very immature 36-year-old. My first exposure to Bloom County was a visit to my brother’s place in Colorado when I was 13…the local paper carried it, and I was instantly hooked. I made him cut the strips out of the paper and mail them to me for about two years.

And yes, of course, I have every book. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about immaturity, Hal. I figure as long as you don’t have kids, you can be a kid. Oh, if you’ve got kids then all’s moot. :slight_smile:

And I’m 28. And I have every book too. Well, only two of the Outland collection. I even have an Opus stuffed animal.