Pee Mail!!!

For those of us who always wanted to write our name in the snow, but didn’t have the equipment.

When you take your dog for a walk, pee-mail is what he reads with his nose.

Hint: if you’re called saramamalama, better stock up on Bud Lite too…

Go to the one in they gallery called “untitled” by “Pee Foot”.

I made it.

Never eat yellow snow.

I made the one right below it, too, but I didn’t give it a defining “name”.

I find this more fun then a grown women should. :slight_smile:

I did the one in the gallery from “K”. :slight_smile:

Trunk The Pee Foot was cute.

Mine is the one above Hillbilly Queen’s.

Course, I’m a dumbass, so it’s “Untitled” by “somebody”

I can’t see…
I can’t see…
Ohhhh, woe is me…
I can’t see!

I prefer Corona. :wink:

picker: or are we fighting incontinence?
Mine are by Doper.

Okay, I have to tell this joke now.

Bill Clinton is walking in the garden of the White House when he sees, in the snow, “Bill Clinton is an idiot!” written in pee.
He is extremely pissed off, and gets the Secret Service to investigate.
The next day, the SS guy comes back to Bill and says “Mr. President, we have good news and bad news.”

“Whats the good news?”

“We traced the pee sample, sir. It belongs to Al Gore.”

“I knew it! I’ll have him locked up in chains! Whats the bad news?”

“Its Hillary’s handwriting.”


Mine is by Me.

Boys have all the fun!


I made one, yay! Look under the poster name “Unca Cecil” (should have been in the description, but I messed it up).

My tribute to the perfect master: a portrait peed into the snow. :smiley:

I hate the Great FireWall of China and my commie ISP in the dorms here. There are things online that I need for my quality of life!

(link doesn’t work for me. My dorm internet is like that. grump.)

I usually hate toilet humour, of any kind.

But this is way too much fun. My poor friends/family are being bombarded, each with a personal work of pee art.

Which Doper did the pee-kid’s self portrait? That was great!

And women wonder why men like to pee outdoors. BTW, I can’t remember the name of the gizmo, but someone does make a device so that women can write their name in the snow! (Well, at least pee standing up without worrying about getting their panties wet.)