Peek-a-jew? WTF?

The OPer in this thread uses the handle P33K@J3W. Anybody else smell troll?

I thought it was supposed to be Pikachu. Or maybe Peek-at-you.

I thought it was in reference to Pikachu?

Damn, I thought I was the first one to respond!

::Shakes fist at friedo:: I’ll get you next time, my pretty!

Hmmmm… didn’t think of that. My spidey sense doesn’t like the hacker alphabet, though.

Um, maybe he is actually a Jew.

5m311 @ +r011!? wh@+ +h3 ƒü¢k @r3 Ü +@1k1ng @b0ü+???

…nor do I play one on TV. But I believe that in the time I was away, public speculation of this kind has become, if not strictly against policy, certainly something the administration here doesn’t take too kindly too.

I would suggest, black455, that you send an e-mail to the loving mod(s) of your choice with any concerns about other posters here and you might want to ask them to close this thread as well before it gets ugly.

I can’t smell anything. Damn allergies. Anyone have any Claritin-D I can borrow? I can’t find my bottle anywhere.

Whups. I’ll eat my crow, and send that email. 5ØRRY.

Thanks, black. Satan is correct. We’d prefer suspicions of this nature be sumbitted in confidence to the mods/admins. Public accusations like this often turn into silly witchhunts. And that’s bad for the community.