Peel vs. Gale, King, Purdey and a squad of cybernauts

Who wins?

The cybernauts are merely a warmup. Peel takes out King in the first round and Purdey in the second. Gale is a considerably tougher challenge, but I have to give the match to Dame Diana and her catsuit.

Emma definitely gets the nod. The cybernauts are no problem (as long as Mrs. P has the pen). Purdy would be too busy putting on lipstick. Cathy is definitely the biggest problem, but Emma has the better catsuit.

NB I heard a rumour that there was an Avengers film. I’ve had my head in a bag since that day, so obviously it doesn’t count.

Mrs. Peel elects to fight in her “Queen of Sin” outfit. Purdey and Gale fall to her feet in sapphic supplication, and the snake takes out the Cybernauts. :smiley:

At last a reason for fanfiction to exist!