Penny Marshall dies at age 75

Penny Marshall has died.

I remember watching Laverne and Shirley as a kid.

Damn. It seems impossible that she was that old, let alone die.

It’s very sobering when people that were young and at the top of their game when you were kids die. It doesn’t seem THAT long ago, does it?

Anyway, RIP Penny.

“And we’ll do it OUR way, yes, OUR way, we’ll make all our dreeeeeams…come true…for me and yoouuuu!” (Will her coffin have an embroidered “L” for Laverne?)


I enjoyed reading her memoir My Mother Was Nuts a few years ago. I am sorry to hear she passed, RIP Penny.

Damn it. Now we can never know the truth about the alternate ending to Big.

Vo-dee-o-dodo in peace.

Yes and for sure. Is Gary still alive?

Garry died in 2016.

I read her autobiography a couple years ago. She had a really fun life and seemed like a cool person and a good friend. I loved the bond between her and her brother.

She was 75 but it definitely seemed too soon for her!

Oh, damn. She was one of the people who we thought would never get old and die. RIP.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!

I remember her from The Odd Couple, where she played Oscar’s secretary, Myrna.

In addition to Big, she also directed the following movies:

  • Jumpin’ Jack Flash
    A League of Their Own
    Renaissance Man
    The Preacher’s Wife
    Riding in Cars with Boys*

She’s wasn’t just Laverne, although that was her most visible role. I still remember her as Oscar’s secretary, Myrna, on The Odd Couple. And, of course, she went on to be a director, helming Big, Awakenings, a League of their own, and other films. I’ve read stories about later-successful stars talking about crashing at her place when they were broke.

75 seems so young to me these days…
Edited to add - Simulpost!

Yes, exactly as planned…

Aw, man! That’s sad. She was a terrific comedic actress; always made me laugh!

13 Going on 30.

That wouldn’t surprise me at all (or an “L” on her urn).

I was a tween when “Laverne and Shirley” was on the air, and loved that program. RIP, Penny.



solemnly raises a glass of milk and Pepsi

Damn shame. I loved Laverne and Shirley as a kid. RIP Penny.

Oh, I was a fan. RIP Penny. Thanks for entertaining me.

She was also Paula, Mary Richards’ new neighbor and Mr Grant’s new girlfriend on MTM.

Ginger or Mary Ann? LaVerne or Shirley? :dubious: