People say Islam is a peaceful religion

and that the militant Islamists are out of line with Islamic teachings.
I wonder. Did not Mohammed himself lead holy wars against infidels, which in his day were pagans?
Isn’t there plenty of warlike material in the Islamic tradition, just as Judaism involved conquering the holy land?
I would like to believe that the terrorists are out of line with Islamic teachings, but it looks like they represent a perennial aspect of Islamic teachings.
What do you think about this issue?
I do not want to get into a debate but to receive informed opinions.

“Don’t believe everything you think.”

Perhaps you should Ask the Muslim Guy.

I second asking the Muslim Guy - he seems to have his head screwed on the right way.

One thing I would point out (I’ve heard this said by Muslims) is that Islam lacks a central hierarchy, and so this leads to different interpretations of the Koran flourishing (there’s no body to regulate which interpretations might be less ‘sound’ than others). Please note that I don’t consider Islam to be any less a religion for this (you could compare with the Catholic office of Defender of the Faith etc); it’s just a fact.

From what I know of the Muslim religion, it is a peaceful one, until you happen to break or resist any one of the many rules. Then they start the killing.

You can be killed if you:

Talk against a Cleric – which is like a preacher.

Are a member of another religion and start trying to convert Muslims?

Are a Muslim and decide to convert to another religion?

Are a woman and decide not to obey your husband?

Basically, do anything not Muslim.

If you are Muslim and are fighting with another Muslim and someone from another religion comes in to help you, then you and your enemy should team up to kill the infidel, afterwards you can go back to trying to kill each other.

The Islamic religion is anything but forgiving, open or flexible. Basically, you believe their way or get lost.

If you die in a battle with an enemy of the religion you are guaranteed a seat in heaven.

If you die in battle defending yourself from the unjust, you apparently go to heaven.

Holy War is acceptable. You may freely slaughter anyone who is considered an enemy of the religion with impunity.

Ignore the question marks, they should be periods.

Well, there have certainly been numerous periods in history when Jews who were persecuted in Christian lands sought safety (and usually FOUND it) in Moslem countries.

Historically, Moslems were far more tolerant of other religions than Christians were. That seems like a long time ago, at the moment.

Iwannaknow, your post is plain ignorant. I suggest you read up on the Ask the Muslim Guy thread and the following thread:

Does The Koran Say it is OK to Kill Non-Muslims?


Haven’t there been times and places where Christian governments also put people to death for heresy, blasphemy, or apostacy? Also, if I recall correctly, there were some medeval popes that granted indulgences to crusaders and promised that anyone who died in the Crusades would go to heaven for defending the faith.

This isn’t intended to single out or be critical of Christianity, but just to say that it seems that Islam isn’t alone in having people and groups that do some of the things you say.

Misconception about Islam #532:

Does “jihad” mean “Holy War”?

This essay explains the actual meaning of the term. On CNN’s Talkback, they interviewed a representative from an Islamic-American relations group who said that any important act which you must do can be your jihad. He gave the example of raising children in New York City. It is a very difficult thing to do, especially in today’s climate. That can be a jihad.

It’s something kung fu. Kung fu basically means “skill”-- you might use a great deal of kung fu when carving a sculptire or preparing a meal. The Iron Chefs have much kung fu! But ever since Bruce Lee described what he did as kung fu, it means a martial art.

Likewise, these terrorists who consider their jihad to be a war against the infidel have tainted the word, as well as people’s perceptions of the Islamic faith. The Quran, as has already been discussed in the threads mentions, condones defensive battle, but nothing like the absurd claims made by Iwannaknow.

I’m locking this off. If you have any further questions on this topic, I suggest you Go Ask The Muslim Guy.