People suck.

This is not a pitting because I’m more disappointed than angry.

Two recent incident lead me to believe that people are largely gossips who lack foresight, tact and class.

One idiot told outright lies to his staff about my divorce and professional history. The idiot happens to be the VP of a small IT consulting firm that provides staff to my company and the projects I lead. IOW, his employees report to me on a daily basis.

The other, unrelated to the first, happens to also know my ex and is enjoying the recently discovered fact that the woman I’ve been seeing for the past year+ (after my marriage tanked), works for him.

Both of these idiots know me and my ex from the health club where we’ve been members for a number of years.

At no time did I ever mention the fact that we had indirect personal or professional ties because they are tennuous at best. We’re not buds. We don’t chat at the gym beyond polite hellos or cordial nods. Now, one is avoiding me because I confronted him about his lies and told him to zip his lip. The other feels he can make stupid comments to the woman I’ve been seeing about my ex and how funny it would be if we all ran into one another at the gym if she’d only join up as well. Not only that, he’s suddenly comfortable enough with me to comment about how I’m single now and can play the field. As a VP of sales in his company, you’d think he’d try and get on my good side because he knows I’m in a position to give him business by recruiting staff for my firm.

Sad part is, they fancy themselves savvy and connected business people. Dumbasses. :rolleyes:

I’ve long been of the opinion that a$$holes think they operate in a vacuum.

The thing people like best to talk about is other people. Here’s hoping that your life gets so good and stable that it gives the gossips nothing to talk about from now on.

Every job I’ve had has done more to convince me that people are idiots. Ugh.

I know this it totally off-topic, but damn, Stuffy. That sentence prompted an excruciatingly unsavory image.

How do you think people take a poo in space, UncleBeer?

pressurized toilets?